Algeria once again pinned in Geneva on human rights

In all the marches, all the struggles, it is generally the demonstrators, who on a given day have made themselves the spokespersons of a cause to denounce a rotten and gangrenous system, who taste the first fruits of the perpetual arrests of militants, torture in prison, voluntary exile and other miseries…

In Algeria, they are at least 260 people to be in this case and who are prosecuted for acts of terrorism although they have not participated in any act of violence. In any case, this was indicated on Friday in Geneva by the coordinator responsible for the Maghreb at the centre, which has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Egyptian Karim Salem of the Institute of Cairo for Human Rights (CIHRS) on the sidelines of a symposium organized by this organization under the theme “Algeria: denial of democracy”.

Indeed in a statement to MAP, the human rights activist referred to the judicial harassment against activists and the systematic restrictions imposed on associative and trade union action, ignoring the demands of the visits of the ‘UN. It is that on this Friday, November 11, in Geneva, Algeria or rather the senile regime of the Muppets show made in Algeria, passed its “Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council” (UPR) where is generally evaluated the situation in this area, those of “human rights” in this case, of the Member States of the United Nations.

And for the price of one we pack you two. Swedish political adviser and expert on African affairs, Bjorn Holtin, said that ” Algeria represented a model of a country that shirks its duties and obligations “, and this in view of the subtractions in respect of 113 of the 229 recommendations received, resulting in a rather “worrying” or even dangerous assessment. The bonus of the cake as a cherry, “Should we wrap it up for you” as illustrious “deceased” would say, is the president of the International Observatory for Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights (IOPDHR) in Geneva, Aicha Douihi, who took care of it.

Indeed, she presented an NGO (s) report on the UPR which is not very tender towards Algeria, evoking in this regard recommendations concerning several axes, namely freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and association. , extrajudicial execution and implementation of economic rights, protection of children against exploitation, asylum conditions and the rule of law, as well as the refusal to interact positively with UN visits to Tindouf.

Moreover, on this last point, whether in the camps of the sequestered Sahrawis or in Algeria itself, we willingly agreed to at least three to denounce Algiers. The latter, moreover, during its universal periodic review (UPR) came under criticism this Friday from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany at the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, where the situation of UN States is evaluated every four or five years. Like the ridicule that does not kill, the observations of the CDH are not binding, fortunately for Algiers.

The body merely reminds States of their responsibility to respect and implement human rights and fundamental freedoms. However, the senile regime of Algiers was asked by the American representative to repeal the amendments to article 87 bis of the Penal Code which “contain an overly broad definition of terrorism”, and free “journalists, human rights defenders and those detained under this provision”.

These amendments, adopted in June 2021, now equate to “terrorism” or at “sabotage” any call for “to change the system of governance by non-constitutional means”. The regime of senile capos in Algiers was also summoned to “stop harassing journalists and human rights defenders and withdraw the charges of undermining national unity”. The United Kingdom and Germany have called on the country to guarantee freedom of expression and to end discrimination against women. France in the case has meanwhile made itself very small, not really knowing where to place itself and has rather spared -water in the gas- the cabbage and the goat which can the homeland of human rights” it does not matter to get your brushes mixed up.

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