Algeria is directly responsible for the continuity of the conflicts in the Sahara

The Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) organized this Friday in Bouznika its 11th national congress under the slogan “The progressive democratic alternative”, seizing the opportunity to examine the current situation of the Kingdom at different economic, social and political levels. in the presence of leaders of Moroccan parties and unions, as well as Arab and foreign left-wing parties.

During his opening speech of the 11th conference, the secretary general of the PPS, Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah, raised the issue of the Sahara conflict while pointing fingers at the “direct responsibility” of Algeria, stressing that “against the goodwill of our country and its positive steps, the opponents of our territorial integrity, and the Algerian rulers in particular, insist on intransigence, in refutation of the myth of the fictitious republic, and on taking reckless and transgressing positions, with the aim of a political solution which stands in the way of achieving an optimal and unrealistic solution to the political solution of this artificial dispute”.

The SG of the party specifies that these Algerian positions come ” in confusing contrast to the aspirations of the people of the Maghreb and their aspirations for unity, integration and common prosperity”, adding that “our country remains obediently attached, as evidenced by the content of several royal speeches and initiatives, to the policy of reaching out to all its neighbors, and is eager to build the Maghreb, hoping that one day the language of reason, truth and legitimacy will prevail”.

The politician thus recalls that the territorial integrity of the Kingdom has undergone positive and proud developments, the most important of which have manifested themselves in the historical context linked to the American recognition of the Moroccan Sahara, as embodied in the transformation of the position of the Spanish neighbour, which is considered an important political breakthrough given Spain’s historical responsibility in this matter.

In particular, it commends all the efforts made by the parties concerned and ” the gains made by the growing number of countries supporting our country’s position, as everyone became more and more aware of the seriousness and credibility of the Moroccan autonomy proposal, and its importance as a credible proposal for the final closure of this artificial conflict“.

For the SG, notur country is gradually moving, with a free and independent approach, towards the position it deserves, based on its democratic, economic and social achievements, and on the diversity and fusion of the components of its unified national identity, Arab, Islamic , Berber, Saharan, Indo-Mediterranean Hassaniya and its rich African and Mediterranean tributaries“, and makes it known in the sense that ” however serious the difficulties, our country has learned throughout its history to turn crises into opportunities for progress. This is what requires moving forward on our path of development, in strengthening our democratic space, and strengthening our institutional structure, within the framework of a constitutional, democratic, parliamentary and social monarchy.“.

Benabdellah declares, on behalf of the PPS, that the members of his party are “proud of diplomatic achievements”, and insists on “the need to continue efforts at this level, as much as we affirm that the resolution of the question of our territorial integrity passes, first of all, by the reinforcement of our internal, economic, social and political front, to ensure the continuation and the reinforcement the mobilization of all the components of the Moroccan people around the question of our territorial integrity. This detour is what constitutes the first source of our strength and our constancy.”.

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