Ahmed Barack Allah tackles the Polisario policy inspired by the propaganda of the Cuban system

Ahmad Barack Allah, secretary general of the Sahrawi Movement for Peace (MSP), recently shared his analysis of the current situation in the Sahara after the renewal of MINURSO and the latest threat from the Polisario to use new military weapons.

As a reminder, the MSP had declared its support for the peaceful solution of autonomy proposed by Morocco, at the end of its 1st international conference, on September 22 and 23 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary archipelago. .

The MPS has only been in existence for two years and emerged in a difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, he had an impact on the Sahrawi population both in the diaspora and in the sequestered camps in Tindouf because of his moderate, realistic and peaceful speech. A silent majority forms around him.

The other party that claims to represent the Sahrawis, the Polisario militia, has been using the armed option for 50 years to achieve its objectives. ” This option cannot lead to any military victory and, therefore, common sense commands to seek a peaceful solution as proposed by the Sahrawi Movement. said Ahmed Barack Allah.

The Polisario must know that in 2022 societies have the right to be represented by various political forces » he indicated in the last “De cara al mundo“ (Facing the world), an Onda Madrid program directed and presented by Javier Fernandez Arribas, the director of Atalayar. Turning to the world, the show does a weekly review of international news, with interviews and experts and a full panel of analysts.

Asked if he was paid by the Moroccan secret services, Ahmed Barack Allah replied that he only received the non-contributory pension from Spanish social security. ” It’s absurd to say that. This is the cliché that the Polisario has been using for 50 years. Whenever he wants to destroy a political adversary or a disparate or contrary opinion, he applies the propaganda manual extracted from the Cuban system and applies the typical cliché of the traitor or the spy. And it’s really a cruel situation in addition to being absurd “.

The SG of the MSP said he was very worried about the situation in the Sahara “nor not because of the possibility of further escalation following statements that supposedly spoke of the possibility of obtaining new weapons, but because of the fact that there are victims every day because of this conflict triggered unilaterally by the polisario “.

Faced with this worrying situation, this pushes us to constantly insist through letters addressed to the United Nations that the ceasefire be restored and that the political process continue “.

At this moment, the Polisario has just admitted that it has committed crimes in the territories of the Tindouf camps, that is to say inside Algeria itself, crimes against humanity which have resulted in the murder and execution without trial of hundreds of people. And precisely all of them received the “sanbenito“ from spies without any proof”

“The pattern of one party, one leadership and one talk is a thing of the past and cannot be maintained today. To take refuge in one’s arguments about the foreign enemy and the spy services, which are sometimes the French, sometimes the Spaniards and lately the Moroccans, is simply looking for a way to survive,” he added.

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