A white paper to signify resources and alarm

Moroccan researchers and experts concerned about the environment and the issue of sustainable water management, have published a white paper entitled ” For sustainable management ensuring the country’s water security “.

The report is a synthesis of reflections, diagnoses and proposals resulting from the debates held in the context of webinars. It revolves around three major themes addressed in three parts. The analysis begins with an inventory of past trends and prospects for water resources, taking climate change into account.

Then it is analyzed the evolution of the water supply which has reached its limits in the face of a demand for water that is not “controlled” or less and less. Finally, it deals with the fundamental question of governance and, obviously, we will point out a certain number of flaws and dysfunctions explaining the problems from which the management of water resources in Morocco suffers.

Our experts and researchers in a press release sound the alarm and say they are mobilized for a conscientious political ecology approach. The approach set out in the document suggests replacing the conventional notion of water security with that of hydro-social security in order to respond to the main water challenges that the Kingdom is experiencing, including that of adaptation to climate change.

The reflection of our researchers, which germinated for two years before having this growth, proposes, in such a perspective, “reassuring” institutionalized compromises. The objective being that water does not become a limiting factor for the development of the country but to meet the increasingly changing needs for water. The most important priority and which is at the same time the major challenge for the water sector is to support the socio-economic development of the country as well as the sectoral strategies.

And the constraints to be addressed in order to target this are numerous with regard to the scarcity of water resources and the increase in needs, interregional disparities, the low valuation of the water mobilized, the overexploitation of groundwater and the pollution of water resources. water. The Royal Speech at the opening of the last parliamentary session devoted an important part to this question, it is further said in the press release sent to MoroccoLatestNews.fr, which underlined a passage from the Sovereign “The current state of water resources challenges us all, government, institutions and citizens. It demands of us a duty of truth and responsibility”.

Moreover, the thirty eminences (mostly laureates of the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV) in Rabat) who contributed to the work were alarmed, ” The Kingdom is experiencing one of the worst drought years in decades. It is characterized by a large rainfall deficit, an unprecedented low filling rate of dams, overexploitation of underground resources, adverse effects on agricultural and forestry activities and the specter of thirst that hovers over several regions. “.

Also, in the white paper, we looked at the issues related to the quantity and quality of the resources mobilized, the inconsistency of sectoral policies, the irrational management of resources and its inefficient governance by proposing to From criticism and diagnosis to a battery of measures capable of ensuring a voluntarist, coherent and participative water policy, the authors of this document have further described. The objective, as long as they are heard, is neither more nor less to launch a major public debate on issues related to water security in our country, far from any economic considerations or corporate or political interests.

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