€40 million from Agroberries and Morocco Berry Conference

Two pieces of information at once! While the third edition of the “Morocco Berry Conference” is in full swing and is being held face-to-face in the city of Agadir on November 9 and 10, 2022, the Chilean Agroberries, which has established itself in the red fruit sector with a predilection for berries, of which it produces and markets several varieties (premium), relieved its pockets of 40 million euros to settle in Morocco.

That said, and to stay in the red fruits, it is first of all, this unmissable event, which is the 2022 edition of the “Morocco Berry Conference” or the Moroccan Berry Conference.

Aimed at bay professionals from Morocco and abroad and organized by Green Smile & Hortitool, it brings together more than 300 people from around twenty countries. The conference is organized with the support of the Moroccan Association of Red Fruit Producers and aims to provide producers and partners with the most advanced production techniques and inform them about the challenges and specificities of the red fruit market. .

The event serving as a platform and meeting place to present the latest advances in the soft fruit sector, during the two days the participating experts will discuss topics such as: market news, light management , pollination, soil management and importance of substrate, classification technology, post-harvest developments, conditioning and environment, environment and agricultural resources, animal husbandry, among others.

And speaking of news, this information of size mentioned above, to which we inevitably come back and which concerns a world leader in the production and marketing of red fruits (especially berries), the Chilean group Agroberries announced on the eve of this event of Agadir, having invested 40 million euros in Morocco, in order to meet the growing demand from the American (United States, Canada), British and European Union markets.

Agroberries, which already operates more than 2,000 hectares of farms in the United States, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Peru, therefore intends to do the same in the Kingdom.

Our investment in Morocco is a natural step in our global expansion plan as a leading company in the production and marketing of berries. This decision, based on our in-depth agronomic knowledge and our associative philosophy, will allow us to supply our customers in the European market with the best quality berries all year round”, said Jorge Varela, co-founder and CEO of Agroberries.

Initially, it will operate 300 hectares (with the hope of reaching 1000 hectares) spread over three regions of the Kingdom. Plantings have already started and will continue throughout 2023 according to agricultural specialist Freshplaza.

Additionally, over the next few years, the company hopes to expand its network of associate growers through the licensing of its own varieties, with the goal of reaching some 1,000 hectares of berry production.

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