With "The Stranger", Don Bigg dominates the top 5 views on Youtube for the past 2 weeks


Two weeks after the release of the single “ abroad Don Bigg continues to capture the trend of the most watched videos on Youtube in Morocco.

After the launch of this new opus, featuring Reda Taliani, Taoufik Hazeb also unveiled several excerpts from the songs of the new album scheduled for release very soon.

Indeed, this duet through which the rapper sheds light on the dreams of young people from a marginalized but ambitious social category who still hope for a better life is ranked second among the most popular songs. listened to on YouTube, with more than 2 million views, and that’s not all!

The realization of the clip was entrusted to the talented Farid Malki, who tells us through the images the story of two young people who dream of a better future despite the obstacles experienced since their birth in one of the slums of Casablanca.

The two excerpts from the album also unveiled during the week were ranked second and fifth among the most watched songs in Morocco.

These excerpts represent a taste of the new album which will be revealed to fans very soon.

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