When a good research policy pays off

Over the past five years, Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra (UIT) has succeeded in positioning itself, again, among the best universities in the world, and at the top of the list of Moroccan universities in the prestigious Times Higher Education ranking. (TEA). The ITU stands out precisely in the fields of engineering and physical sciences in the section “The By Subject 2023”.

ITU has significantly improved its position nationally and internationally by ranking among the top 400 global universities (Rank 301-401), and topping the list nationally in engineering through its multiple disciplines viz. general engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering.

The university notably won first place in Morocco and is among the top 800 universities in the world (Rank 601–800) in terms of Physical Sciences including both Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Environment, Earth and marine sciences.

Asked by MoroccoLatestNews, Azzedine El Midaoui, president of the ITU told us the recipe for success achieved by his university. “ It is thanks to all the components of the university without exception, whether at the level of administration, staff, students or premises. “, he says, specifying on the one hand that “the works, which were presented during the 2023 version of the ranking, are those of the current year and last year“.

“This success stems from the efforts of student researchers, professors, partners and also the governance of the university, which has played an important role through the restructuring of research according to international standards, the improvement of the attractiveness and by providing the necessary equipment. It’s a collective work“, he adds.

He explains that the university “hasable to orient a large part”of its “own resources towards all that is research, organization, infrastructure which has improved the working conditions of researchers and has enabled the realization of this work“.

The President continues that theresearch policy has effectively enabled us, over the past five years, to occupy the first places in several rankings, whether at the international, continental or Arab level, such was the case with the ranking in terms of the criteria United Nations Sustainable Development“.

El Midaoui points out that to be successful, a university must absolutely have “a good system of governance, attractiveness in terms of premises, laboratories, equipment and products that researchers need in order to offer them good working conditions“, adding that”this is what we have been doing for several years and improving year after year“.

He also makes it known that “bmany Moroccan universities have had honorable positions in this ranking. The momentum created at the national level has made it possible to achieve this positioning and to ensure ITU the first place at the national level.“.

According to the establishment’s official statement, the presence of Ibn Tofaïl University in this international ranking of disciplinary reference, for the 4th consecutive year, represents a real sanctification of its efforts to promote excellence and develop scientific research. and innovation. This demonstrates ITU’s commitment to the four pillars of this ranking based on teaching quality, research, citations in international indexed journals, knowledge transfer and internationalization.

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