"We do Rap (...) We will continue to represent Moroccan art and Rap"

Rapper El Grande Toto has apologized for comments he made during his concert on last september 23 at the OLM Souissi in Rabat, as part of the Grands concerts de la Capitale, organized by the Ministry of Culture.

His excessive spontaneity in a rapidly changing society, spiced up by a generational struggle, led him to a turning point he had no idea.

Misunderstood “as he well expressed this Sunday in Rabat during a press conference held with his defence, Me Abdelfattah Zahrach, Taha Fahssi, alias El Grande Toto, expressed his apologies to all those who felt offended by his remarks on stage.

“This controversy that started was not calculated, we did not want it, and we do not know how it was provoked. I apologize if some felt disturbed by my remarks. Maybe they didn’t understand what I meant, maybe I didn’t make myself understood. It all started in Rabat, so I apologize to the authorities, to the public present at the concert, the elderly, the women, the organizers and to everyone.said Toto.

And to add: We are not bad people. We’re not doing anything bad. We do rap. Rap is not bad, it has its own language, it has codes. Perhaps these codes were not used at the right time and in the right place. I apologize, because I did not make myself understood. For them, maybe I was harsh. A bit too much ».

Accused by parents of making indecent remarks during his concerts, the rapper insisted that these, and after all this controversy, ” know what to expect now” in order to do what is necessary with their children when it comes to an event concerning them.

In his statement to the press, the artist most ” streamed » in Morocco and the MENA region in 2021, clarified that its audience is mainly composed of “ young people who understand what is happening“, before adding: “ We make music and art. We will continue on this path. We will still go on stage, do concerts and work on the music. And we will continue to represent Moroccan art and rap wherever it is”.

Several complaints have reportedly been filed against the 26-year-old artist, in particular for ” insults“, “ defamation ” or ” threatens“, which earned him a ban on leaving the national territory. In this sense, El Grande Toto made it clear that he was not someone who ” looks for problems, whether with the press or the police or with the artists, young or old”.

“There have been a lot of things that have come out recently. I am not someone who resorts to violence. I’m not the type”he concluded.

The latest outings of the young rapper, whether on stage, social networks or in front of the press, have been deemed by some to be poorly calculated. One wonders if the young rapper, who has had phenomenal success in recent years, does not have a communication team responsible for “managing him” with the public.

Questioned on this point by MoroccoLatestNews UKMe Abdelfattah Zahrach, lawyer for El Grande Toto, told us that indeed, ” this component was probably not well organized before, but the circumstances today mean that Taha will strengthen its communication to avoid any overflow in the future”.

In this sense, Me Zahrach welcomed the good management of the press conference this Sunday by the young rapper, who did not get carried away by his spontaneity and managed well with the media.

El Grande Toto is summoned by the Casablanca police headquarters this Monday, October 24, his lawyer said. Not yet knowing what the young rapper is accused of, Me Zahrach assured that Toto ” do not consider themselves above the law. He will answer questions and defend himself, in full compliance with the principles of the rule of law..

The controversy around the rapper having taken on a large scale, which he himself did not expect, the lawyer of El Grande Toto wanted to launch an appeal this Sunday: “ It is time to stop this massacre and this lynching of which Taha is a victim. Taha is a Moroccan citizen, who has rights and also obligations. He makes mistakes like all young people, but refuses to be the target of hate speech“.

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