UM5 in Rabat: Inauguration Wednesday of the Graciela Hierro Chair

The Graciela Hierro Chair will be inaugurated on Wednesday at the University Institute of African, Euro-Mediterranean and Ibero-American Studies in Madinat Al Irfane.

A press release from the Presidency of the University Mohammed V of Rabat, specifies that the inauguration of the Graciela Hierro Chair, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations, is the result of the efforts made by the UM5 of Rabat and the University Autonomous National Council of Mexico (UNAM) in their desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation in areas of common interest and to deepen studies aimed at strengthening the humanist concept of women.

And to recall that a cooperation and partnership agreement between the two universities had been signed on February 22, 2022 in Rabat, on the occasion of the presentation of an honorary doctorate to the President of UNAM, Dr. Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers by the president of the UM5 in Rabat, Mohamed Rhachi.

Among the objectives of this agreement are the renewal of the agreement to create the Graciela Hierro Chair at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, and the Fatima Mernissi Chair at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in honor of the two academics who have worked, through their research and various activities, for a common cause, namely, the promotion of the universal values ​​of human rights and gender parity.

It should be noted that the Graciela Hierro Chair is interested in the fundamental questions which preoccupy contemporary societies by organizing conferences, round tables, meetings and scientific workshops centered on three themes: human rights, gender and migration.

It also examines other topics relating to relations between Morocco and Mexico, Arab countries and Latin American countries.

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