The royal speech, provides strategic direction to the political class

The speech delivered on Friday by King Mohammed VI to members of Parliament as the inauguration of the first session of the second legislative year of the eleventh legislature was a highlight for many observers and political specialists.

Many, among these eminences, delivered statements to decipher the message that the Sovereign gave to all the components of the Kingdom through his speech to deal with the repercussions of water stress and revitalize investment opportunities. Among the political figures who need no introduction, Mohamed Ben Abdelkader, member of the political office of the Union of Popular Socialist Forces (USFP) university and former Minister Delegate in charge of the Reform of the Administration and the Public Service, and moreover former Minister of Justice who, with his benevolence, gave his impressions of the royal speech, as a citizen and political actor, he was kind enough to specify.

I followed with great interest the royal speech on the occasion of the official opening of the first session of this 2nd legislative year. And of course my first impression is that it is a speech which, on the one hand, reassured us more about the enlightened direction of HM the King and his formidable leadership in the conduct of the general policy of the state and on the other hand, it is a discourse that inspires the entire political class and provides it with valuable strategic guidance on the challenges that challenge us and the new priority projects that await us“.

Mohamed Ben Abdelkader went on to say that “thehe King has set the course for this legislative year by prioritizing two major axes, which are the preservation and rational, anticipatory and sustainable management of our water resources, as well as the promotion of investment so that the new charter of investment can mobilize all the actors concerned, in particular the private sector and the banks and give a tangible impetus to Morocco’s attractiveness”.

And Ben Abdelkader to conclude: “I would like to point out in the same context that the speeches and messages of HM the King have always constituted a practice of high-level political communication, which plays a structuring role in the functioning of the State and the cohesion of the nation. is in this sense that the royal speech in parliament with this impressive official opening ceremony, was a discursive act of major strategic importance, which came to enlighten the action of the legislative and executive powers, but also to further strengthen our feelings of confidence and pride“.

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