The Night of Horror, carte blanche to director Talal Selhami

The French Institute of Morocco (IFM) launches the first edition of the Night of Horror, a new highlight of cinema offering three films selected by director Talal Selhami, who will present the sessions to the public. A tribute to this popular and cinephile genre as Halloween approaches, on tour in the halls of the IFM.

Among the films selected by the young director, figure ” Ashura“, the first Moroccan horror film directed by Talal Selhami. It’s the story of four kids who play at making themselves up and go to a condemned, reputedly cursed house. One of them disappears under mysterious circumstances. The three survivors repress the memory of what could have happened, until Samir reappears 25 years later. The recomposed band will have to confront its past.

Silent Hill, by Christophe Gans (survivor horror) was also selected by Talal Selhami. The film tells the story of little Sharon who dreams more and more often of an abandoned town, Silent Hill. His mother, Rose, determined to understand the strange illness from which her child suffers, decides to accompany him on the spot. As they enter this gloomy universe, Sharon disappears.

The third film to be screened at the IFM’s Nuit de l’Horreur is the film Greve by Julia Ducournau (body horror). It tells the story of Justine’s family, where everyone is a veterinarian and a vegetarian. At 16, she is a gifted teenager about to enter the vet school where her older sister is also a student. But, barely installed, the hazing begins for the first years. Justine is forced to eat raw meat. It’s the first time in his life. The consequences are not long in coming, Justine discovers her true nature.

For those who wish to participate in this first edition of the Night of Horror, the tour dates, in the presence of the director, are Friday October 28 at the IF in Tetouan, Saturday October 29 at the Cinémathèque de Tanger, Sunday, October 30 at the Gérard Philipe hall in Rabat, Tuesday, November 1 at the IF in Marrakech and finally Saturday, November 5 at the IF in Casablanca.

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