The MSPS launches the 2nd national campaign to fight against the stigmatization of people with mental disorders

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection is organizing, from October 17 to 27, 2022, the 2nd national campaign to combat the stigmatization of people with mental disorders.

Initiated under the slogan “Mental disorders do not exclude dignity and fundamental rights”, the campaign aims to promote the rights of these people, to demystify mental illness, to deconstruct the prejudices associated with it, and to raise awareness among families. , relatives, health professionals and the general public on the importance of support in the healing process, explains the ministry.

Indeed, mental disorders are considered to be a major public health problem, the World Health Organization estimates that 76% to 85% of people with severe mental disorders or with disabilities related to these disorders do not benefit from no treatment in low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, the risk for these people of being victims of physical violence is increased by 11 to 13 times.

It should be noted that the surveys revealed the impact of negative social attitudes towards people with mental disorders put in precarious conditions, rejected and marginalized by society, because of categorizing them as violent, helpless, incompetent and unmotivated, which affects their daily life, their family and social relationships and constitutes a real obstacle to their social integration.

Thus, stigma affects people more when it comes from loved ones and family members, while the emotional support of the family environment is an essential pillar to facilitate recovery.

The organization of this campaign is an opportunity to promote mental health, prevent mental disorders, shed light on the problems of discrimination and stigmatization experienced by these people, and to reduce the incidence of these disorders by acting before the emergence of problems on the risk factors that threaten the mental health of individuals.

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