"The most beautiful day of my life" Thursday, October 20 at the studio des arts vivants

The Théâtrales de Casablanca present, next Thursday at the Studio des Arts Vivants in Casablanca, a new play entitled “The most beautiful day of my life”, as part of the 11th edition of this cultural event.

After the triumph of the “Clan of the divorced”, “10 years of marriage”, “Family (re)composed”, “Abracadabrunch” and “A quiet weekend”, the Belgian author and actor Alil Vardar, signs a new humorous nugget at enjoy without moderation, say the organizers in a press release.

“The most beautiful day of my life”, scheduled from 8:30 p.m., is a hilarious comedy based on a true story, but where everything is false: Camille and Arnaud spin the perfect love until Arnaud asks Camille in marriage.

“So far nothing too abnormal, except that obviously Arnaud finally wants to meet Camille’s family and there, things get stuck…Camille is a child of the DASS, born under X, she has no family and has no never dared to tell Arnaud fearing his reaction, ”explains the same source.

Camille must find a fake family… She will call on “quality” actors to play her mother and her brother, and obviously it will get tough very quickly!, Adds the press release.

The play is performed by talented actors, namely: Jean Claude Muaka, Valérie Naouri, Claire Conty, Margo Boch, Sébastien Siloret and Martin Magli.

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