The Kingdom acquires a first batch of Bell-412 EPI helicopters

The Kingdom, whose Royal Navy already has two American Bell-412 EPI ASW helicopters equipped with Leonardo radars and L3 Harris systems, received last July a first batch of this device intended for anti-submarine warfare . But not only.

Morocco received with these helicopters, anti-submarine missiles if one sticks to the page of Forum FAR-Morocco which generally is a site of the most informed as for these questions. Intended for the Royal Navy, these aircraft or helicopters arrive as air reinforcement for this body of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and will operate on the multi-mission frigates of the Royal Navy. 24 helicopters will therefore furnish the air fleet (planes, drones, helicopters, etc.) of the Royal Navy and the FAR.

The images released recently by Forum FAR-Morocco show images of the first devices received last July, packaged and not yet assembled. But we imagine it and the Royal Navy and the American helicopter manufacturer Bell Textron Inc based in Texas in Fort Worth, have since had to remedy the thing and put them into service for the harsh reality of the missions that await them. The Bell-412 EPI is the modern or improved version of the Bell-212 EPI. The version of the helicopter acquired by our Royal Armed Forces is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6T-9 Twin-Pac engines which provide 15% more power than the standard engine.

Bell-412 EPI helicopters offer improved technologies and performance and feature a Bell Basix Pro cockpit. The cockpit is fully integrated and features digital readouts, providing critical flight information for improved situational awareness and safety. These helicopters are operational in the shortest time allowed by the high resolution digital and electronic maps, approach plates, ADS-B transponder and optional HTAWS and XM satellite links that the Kingdom has not neglected to to negotiate.

These machines come to replace Bell-Textron Inc aircraft which are at the end of their life after having served our FAR since the end of the 1960s. For many specialists and observers in military affairs, it is the best choice to replace their predecessors today at the gates of retirement.

Morocco regarding the replacement considered the purchase of 36 general-purpose helicopters, specifying that the American company Bell Textron Inc. was “the most suitable candidate for this or for this acquisition. Our FAR had initially mentioned a contract for 24 Bell 412EPI helicopters with the possibility of adding 12 more at a later date. For the time being, these aircraft will be dispatched between the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Forces (FRA).

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