The government engages Article 49.3 to pass the budget

The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, triggered, on Wednesday in front of the parliamentarians, article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, allowing the adoption without a vote of a text, thus engaging the responsibility of her government on the first part of the budget for 2023.

“In responsibility, we must give a budget to our country”declared the Head of Government during her hearing in the National Assembly, on the sixth day of the examination of the text.

“The oppositions have all reaffirmed their desire to reject the text”, further advanced the Prime Minister, highlighting the impossibility of holding “the expected deadlines” whereas “a good number of amendments are still to be examined”.

In the process, the Nupes (New popular ecological and social union), the coalition which brings together the main left-wing parties, tabled a motion of censure against the Executive. Objections have 24 hours to file their motion.

Article 49.3 allows the government, deprived of an absolute majority in the Assembly, to pass a text without a vote, unless a motion of censure is adopted. This may just as well be a finance law, a social security financing project or another bill being debated in the National Assembly.

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