The government approves the 2023 finance law

The government council, meeting on Wednesday in Rabat under the chairmanship of the head of government Aziz Akhannouch, adopted the finance bill (PLF) for the year 2023 and the accompanying texts.

After the adoption of the General Guidelines of the PLF-2023 by the Council of Ministers chaired on Tuesday by King Mohammed VI, the Government Council examined the details of this bill before adopting it, indicates a press release from the Ministry responsible for Relations with Parliament.

This PLF was drawn up in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines contained in Her Majesty’s speeches, the same source said, adding that the said bill reflects the implementation of the government program, which is in harmony with the recommendations of the new model of development.

The PLF-2023 sets four priorities relating to the strengthening of the foundations of the social State, the revival of the national economy through the support of investment, the consecration of territorial equity and the restoration of budgetary margins for ensure the sustainability of the reforms, recalls the press release.

According to the ministry, this finance bill of 2023 is drawn up on the basis of an economic growth forecast at 4%, an inflation rate of 2% and a budget deficit of 4.5% taking into account the global context and economic and financial developments at the national level.

And to conclude that the PLF-2023, as wanted by HM the King, is intended to be a real consecration of the foundations of the social State, an effective start of the new Investment Charter and a response to the needs of a decent life. for all citizens.

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