The explanation of the "cocorico" of the surge in poultry prices

Inflation spares almost no sector. In this context, it is impossible for the housewife, and has been for several months, not to take into account the general increase in prices for food products. His basket suffers. Poultry meat prices are not immune to this trend and are soaring. From now on, for a la belle cocorico, it is necessary to count on average 25 dirhams per kilo with peaks going up to 32 dirhams in certain cities of the Kingdom. Unheard of in the past. A situation that raises questions about the real reasons for this outbreak.

To appease the resentment of consumers, we readily rely on production costs which have jumped since the conflict in Ukraine entered history. As a result, it is said that professionals in the sector are experiencing a series of difficulties, which are disrupting the entire poultry industry.

Several factors are invoked, such as the increase in the cost of cereals, major foodstuffs in animal feed expenses for breeders. This is double or even triple pre-conflict prices in Ukraine. But not only, since the latter, while undermining cereal imports, has brought with it a rise in fuel prices, hence transport, which comes into play to add to the increase. And what about the dollar that will come out to us as another pretext as long as its value is on the rise.

Representatives of the poultry industry explain that production costs have literally exploded compared to the summer of 2021 and their costs are almost at least 50% higher than they were in the good old days.

Worse, it is highly likely that the situation will remain under high tension. In August, in the midst of the proliferation of parties and celebrations and summer tourist activity, a period of high demand, consumers were reassured that the increase should fade in September and we would return to normal. But autumn has come since, and we still don’t see anything coming. Poultry prices continue to soar, especially during festive periods, such as Aid Mawlid Nabaoui, where a significant increase was recorded.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, the president of the Moroccan federation of consumer rights (FMDC), Dr Bouazza Kherrati, explained the reasons for this price increase in a context marked by uncertainties, in the future more and more compromised in the face of to a new school year which was then on the horizon and from which many citizens’ scholarships suffered.

“Moroccan consumers are less and less able to meet their needs. The government must have a clear consumer protection policy,” says the consumer rights campaigner, adding, “the reasons for the rise in poultry prices are more complex than one might think and they are part of the logic of the high cost of living, soaring prices, galloping inflation”.

To these constraints are added “a at the local level, other factors that come into consideration such as the drought, the summer period returning to normal after two Covid years, hence the festivities and the high demand for chicken, the prices of animal feed which have exploded at more than 80% or even doubled, more and more intermediaries from the farm to the consumer’s plate and many more still”.

Dr Bouazza Kherrati, deploring the absence of a State subsidy, added that“This upward trend in prices, especially for basic products, is necessarily detrimental to Moroccan citizens. For this category of white meat in the absence of a state subsidy which could have governed this inflationary pressure which affects the portfolio of Moroccan households, this gives free rein to competition and prices, inevitably, soar“.

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