The drama of young Lola and Macron's vision of Algeria

The main suspect in the murder of the young 12-year-old girl, Lola, found in a plastic trunk in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Dahbia B. is an Algerian in an irregular situation since the expiry of her residence permit issued in 2016. This sordid affair crystallizes the attention of Internet users in several countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco.

On August 21, 2022, Dahia B. was arrested at a French airport for lack of a residence permit. An obligation to leave French territory (OQTF) was then issued to him automatically. Dahbia B was known to the police rather as a victim of domestic violence in 2018, it is said from a source close to the investigation. During her police custody, Dahbia B. gave a horrifying account of the torture and death of the 12-year-old schoolgirl before contesting her own confession. The suspect was indicted on the evening of October 17 for “murder of a 15-year-old minor accompanied by torture or acts of barbarism” and “rape of a minor” and placed in pre-trial detention in Fresnes and is the subject of a special monitoring.

The main suspect in this sordid affair, Dahbia B. is 24 years old and admitted in police custody to having raped and inflicted torture on the young 12-year-old schoolgirl, brutal acts which led to the death of Lola according to the press release from the Paris prosecutor. The psychological profile of the suspect still raises questions and the young woman must undergo an expertise to detect “potential psychiatric disorders”. She would have had this reply against the investigators who presented her with the pictures of Lola’s body during the interrogation, ” It doesn’t make me hot or cold “, before adding ” Me too, I was raped and I saw my parents die in front of me “.

A 43-year-old man of Algerian nationality was indicted for concealment of a corpse and placed under judicial control. While in police custody, he presented himself as a “former acquaintance of the suspect”, he admitted having transported her “at her request” with “two suitcases and the plastic box” from Paris to her residence in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), on the outskirts. After welcoming her to his home “with the suitcases and the cash register”, he called two hours later “a VTC driver for her to return to Paris with the suitcases and the cash register”. In addition to Dahbia B. and this man, four other people were taken into custody. This is a man to whom Dahbia B. allegedly offered “the sale of items contained in the box” on Friday afternoon, an individual who hosted her on the night of the events, the sister of the suspect and the homeless who discovered the box, details the prosecutor. All four were released without prosecution.

This October 17, 2022, the day of the incarnation of Dahbia B, brings back the memory of another October 17, 1961 that one, which corresponds to the murderous repression, by the French police, of a demonstration of Algerians organized in Paris by the FLN. Emmanuel Macron also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the victims of this tragic event, these are “inexcusable crimes for the Republic”, tweeted the French president. We can imagine such remarks have not left those nostalgic for French Algeria indifferent. Indeed, voices reacted to Macron’s tweet to discredit Emmanuel Macron’s recognition of the crimes committed in 1961. For most of the far right, they were quick to link these historic events to the tragic murder of the young Lola and “insecurity” in France to immigration.

This is how in Alsace in support of Eric Zemmour’s party, “Reconquest” a tweet about it hit the headlines “ 61 years later, Algerians massacre a little girl in France in atrocious conditions. The cowardice and submission of the PR and his followers in one tweet “. Zemmour reacted to the French president’s tweet by highlighting the fact that Emmanuel Macron, “this president without heart and honor” has not yet commented on this assassination. RN MP Catherine Griset pointed to the fact that the suspects in Lola’s murder are ” Algerians “And that this is due to uncontrolled immigration, as for the murder of Samuel Paty. The member therefore takes advantage of this assassination to stigmatize immigration, especially Algerian. In this wake, the RN deputy of Gard, Pierre Meurin, declared ” When Lola is murdered by savages born in Algeria, the president has chosen his memorial priorities. I am ashamed, but so ashamed”. On the other hand, the vice-president of “Reconquête”, Guillaume Peltier expressed: ” And if not, the truth about the murder of Lola, does that interest you, Emmanuel Macron? “. Yes!

The case even took a political turn to such an extent that in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, we did not escape it. Marine Le Pen was particularly vindictive this afternoon against Elisabeth Borne and the government, ” Once again, the suspect of this barbaric act should not have been on our territory “, criticized Le Pen by denouncing the “ migratory laxity of the State. Too many crimes and misdemeanors are committed by illegal immigrants who were unwilling or unable to return home », and asking « urgent and uncompromising answers and solutions so that the law is applied and respected in our country “.

“A little decency and respect the pain of the family,” retorted Elisabeth Borne, referring to “dramatic circumstances, horrible circumstancesand adding that Emmanuel Macron had received the victim’s family for “express all the emotion and solidarity of the Nation“. This will not bring young Lola back to life.

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