The death of a police officer puts the issue of conflicts between gangs back on the table

Sebta was the scene of an unprecedented settling of scores between gangs, which followed the death of a police officer. Driss Amar, a Spanish policeman aged just 35, died Monday, October 10, following several shots fired by a minor, while he was in intervention with his colleagues in a red-light district of the city.

A raid by the Spanish police on Monday, October 10, at the Poblado Legionario district in Sebta, which aimed to elucidate a series of shootings that have occurred in recent weeks, ended in the death of the young policeman, hit in several places of his body, especially at the level of the belly and the hip.

While the deceased was just doing his job, he was allegedly targeted by a 16-year-old minor from one of the gangs involved in the drug trade who are fighting over territory. According to the Spanish press, Amar, married with two children, is the brother of a young man who is believed to belong to one of the gangs.

His colleagues, who heard several gunshots, quickly rushed to the scene and managed to revive him. He was later transferred to University Hospital and admitted to intensive care. But the injuries were severe and he lost a lot of blood which led to his death.

The development of events and the rise of tension between the two gangs in the Poblado Legionario neighborhood led them to attack the families and property of each other, according to the local press. Driss Amar was therefore one of the victims of this settling of accounts.

Also according to the local press, three people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the death of the policeman. During a police intervention, a pistol, magazines and ammunition, electronic surveillance equipment and drones were also seized.

Three other detainees are linked to the attacks suffered by seven police officers who were about to carry out a search last Friday in an operation against organized crime, launched last April and in the framework of which so far, 36 people are in state of ‘arrest.

It should be remembered that the Prince’s district has been the scene of violence and settling of scores between gangs and individuals linked to drug trafficking for years. A phenomenon which has been accentuated lately, in the absence of police presence, plunging the 15,000 inhabitants of this district of Sebta into institutional abandonment according to the Spanish press, and from which the gangs involved in drugs in the level of the Strait of Gibraltar.

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