Support for territorial integrity, the fruit of diplomatic efforts and parliamentary action

The growing support for the issue of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom is the fruit of diplomatic efforts carried out under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI and of parliamentary action, said Friday in Mohammedia, the president of the House of Councillors, Enaam Mayara.

Moderator of the inaugural conference of the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences under the theme “the role of the House of Councilors in the defense of the national cause”, Mayara indicated that this support is the result of the official diplomacy carried out under the visionary conduct of the Sovereign, the attachment of Moroccans to their sacred cause, as well as an increasingly intense parliamentary action.

In this sense, he emphasized the sustained action of the Chamber of Councilors in the service of the national cause and this by hosting forums of an international and regional nature, citing in particular his presidency of the Association of Senates, Shura and equivalent councils from Africa and the Arab world.

He also recalled that the autonomy plan presented by Morocco to put an end to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara constitutes, according to the exports of international law, one of the best forms of self-determination, just as it is in harmony with international law and UN resolutions.

On the other hand, the other parties and mainly the Polisario, a remnant of the Cold War and created from scratch by the Algerian regime, have not presented any proposal to end the conflict, he said, noting that the deal has changed after Morocco presented its autonomy plan.

Morocco continues to win battles over this, at a time when recognition of the puppet republic continues to decline, Mayara argued, adding that confidence in the relevance of the autonomy plan continues to consolidate around the world. , especially since the various reports of the UN Secretary General underline the need to reach a mutually acceptable political solution.

On another note, he highlighted the socio-economic development experienced by the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

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