Several incidents during a demonstration "against the high cost of living" in Paris

Several tens of thousands of people marched in Paris on Sunday at the initiative of the left-wing opposition, which hopes to contribute to “the construction of a new Popular Front” in France, against the backdrop of fuel shortages caused by a strike.

This “march against the high cost of living and climate inaction” brought together 140,000 participants according to the organizers, 30,000 according to the police and 29,500 according to a count by the cabinet Occurrence for a media collective.

Incidents punctuated this demonstration, such as a Societe Generale agency whose windows were smashed and its facade tagged by demonstrators with anarchic slogans or more circumstance like “Manu we are hungry”.

For the rest, thugs attacked members of the police and launched projectiles with charges and tear gas in return. During the dispersion in Place de la Bastille, some also sought to provoke the CRS. The latter, nervous, then charged a group of demonstrators to confiscate a banner quickly recovered by their owner. Further on, a totally identifiable journalist is hit with a truncheon by a CRS.

“A better distribution of wealth”

In the procession, representatives of all left-wing parties, as well as the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature, Annie Ernaux, had made the trip.

“The message is simple: we want a better distribution of wealth,” said the number one of the Socialist Party (PS) Olivier Faure.

Many “yellow vests” but also many retirees were also visible in a colorful parade, punctuated by songs.

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