Religious totalitarianism: Algeria in the footsteps of Iran

While Iranian women are risking their lives for their dignity as women, a university in Algeria has banned female students from associating with boys in classrooms and threatened to expose them publicly.

Misogynistic and retrograde practices inspired by those of the Iranian regime taint the University of Bouira in Algeria, while at the same time Iranian women are demonstrating at the risk of their lives to wrest their freedom and have equal rights with men.

The revolt of Iranian women against the persecutions, the absence of freedoms in their ultra patriarchal and extremist society, pushed by the murder of the young Mahsa Amini, will not have had the right impact in Algeria.

On the contrary, the international solidarity movement with Mahsa Amini had the opposite effect in the university of Bouira where the head of security, a woman, prohibited young female students from being accompanied by their male classmates.

“It is brought to the attention of the students that the parents of any student who is caught with another person, even if it is a student, will be summoned to the rooms, amphitheatres, corridors or any other place on the faculty grounds,” a note from the security officer said.

Thus, any “meeting” between students of different sexes was prohibited, under penalty of having their name displayed publicly in the faculty.

The case has caused an outcry in Algerian academic circles, especially since the latest events in Algeria, such as the blow dealt to Christianity, do not bode well.

After strong reactions from university professors and Internet users, the management of the university was forced to speak out and announce an investigation to understand the conditions that made it possible to make such an announcement.

“The head of security acted without referring to the rectorate, the only authority to make this kind of decision and to develop all the announcements of the faculty”, writes the rectorate which presented its apologies by qualifying the decision of “strange and “improvised”.

The rectorate of the university “apologizes to the students for the content of the poster and strongly denounces this kind of irresponsible behavior”.

This totalitarian measure is not a first. Already at the beginning of the academic year, in September, the University of Djelfa had displayed in its enclosure, a note aimed at “students”.

It read “IMPORTANT NOTICE: All female students are advised that if they are seen with a male, even a male student in a hall, hallway or any area of ​​the university, we will notify the tutor immediately. The name will be displayed on the public information board. This provision will be followed with extreme rigor. This notice is posted for students to make arrangements. And a forewarned person is forearmed”.

Among the reactions to this “threat announcement” on social networks, that of a lawyer who had volunteered to count the violations of the law that the presence of such a publication.

“A dangerous publication is displayed in an Algerian university. The latter commits several violations of human rights globally, but also of the constitution and the rest of the laws of the republic. All in a short five-line text,” he wrote detailing said violations:

1- Considering all female students shameless for the simple fact of being with a third person, including classmates, is an attack on the presumption of innocence.

2- The segregation between the students according to their sex, by punishing the student and not the student, while knowing that the facts do not require any punishment.

3- Consider minor students by forcing them to present their parents, which has never happened in any university in the world. All that remains is to ask for the signature of his parents on the report card. All that is missing is a parents’ association in the university.

4- The department of natural sciences and land of Bouira threatens to disclose and make public on the bulletin board the names of “the culprits”, is an attack on their dignity.

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