Press support will be increased

Increase in the subsidy granted to the press, creation of major media centres, youth and cultural centres. The Minister of Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, returned to all of these points during his visit to the Second Chamber on Tuesday.

Asked by the Rassemblement national des Indépendants (RNI) group in the House of Councillors, Bensaid announced on Tuesday, October 25, that a reflection is underway concerning the transition from the classic subsidy to the press towards investment and creation major media hubs.

Regarding precisely the implementation of a national media industry“, the government official affirmed that it is expected that these large media poles” play a role not only at the level of Morocco, but also at the international level in defense of national issues“, in particular on the question of the Sahara.

While insisting on the importance of the role played by the media, Bensaid nevertheless complained about the enormous number of press organs in Morocco, which according to him exceeds 900 electronic sites, noting that he was not not at all against the expansion of media pluralism by creating more media companies” , but the ” concern of his ministry concerns the improvement of the media services offered to deal with the ” fake news“.

Referring to the efforts of certain companies to launch private television channels, Bensaid acknowledged that the support granted to the press, under the previous finance law, which amounted to around 35 million dirhams, remains ” insufficient before stating that it will be revised upwards.

In addition, the Minister considered that issues related to the media field concern everyone, not only the government and Parliament, indicating that a discussion will be opened on this subject within the framework of a study day which will be organized by the two chambers of Parliament, in the presence of the various partners and the supervising department, in order to arrive at feasible decisions.

Regarding the human resources of the youth department, the minister revealed a shortage of human resources working in youth centers and cultural centers in several provinces and regions, noting that there are more than 600 youth centers and cultural centers. of culture distributed throughout the national territory.

He specified in this sense that certain cities ” such as Rabat, Casablanca and Fez have human resources in good standing » whereas there are areas which suffer from a lack in this area because the assistant managers are summoned, after a certain time, to return to the regions from which they come.

To deal with this shortage, the minister assured that the youth department is ready to cooperate with municipalities, provinces and regions to hire the managers trained by the ministry. “with the aim of revitalizing these cultural structuress”.

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