New requisitions from TotalEnergies staff

A new day of strikes and demonstrations is expected this Tuesday, October 18 in France. A Tuesday described as ” black by the French press because of the social movement launched by the personnel of the oil sites of TotalEnergies, which resulted in a shortage of fuel in several regions of France.

Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Energy Transition announced last Wednesday the launch of the procedure for requisitioning personnel. This Tuesday morning, and faced with the threat of a large demonstration, and to ensure the operation of the oil sites of TotalEnergies blocked by strikes, Olivier Véran, spokesperson for the government, declared that new requisitions of personnel would probably take place. today.

In a statement to the press, Olivier Véran indicated that he ” there will be requisitions as much as necessary to meet the needs of the French in a proportionate way ” and ” probably this Tuesday“.

While an agreement on wages has been signed between the management of TotalEnergies and the unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC), the CGT has indicated that it is continuing its social movement in several of the group’s depots and refineries, thus defending the right to strike, in the face of requisitions ordered by the government. According to the CGT, the signed agreement does not correspond to the expectations of the strikers.

To hope for a return to normal on the oil sites, the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, has argued that a renegotiation of the agreement with the TotalEnergies management is necessary.

“A negotiation could take place to correct an agreement which does not correspond to the expectations of the strikers (…) When there is an agreement on the table and there are still many strikers, a majority of employees on strike, it is that the agreement does not correspond to the expectations of the employees“, he told the press.

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