New circles and caïdats will be created

The government council, meeting on Thursday, under the chairmanship of the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, adopted draft decree No. 2.22.783 creating new circles and caïdats.

Presented by the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, this draft decree aims to create new administrative units under the territorial jurisdiction of six provinces, namely Driouch, Figuig, Médiouna, Benslimane, Berrechid and Midelt, said the spokesperson. of the government, Mustapha Baitas, during a press point at the end of the government council.

These new units, he said, are part of the efforts made to enhance the management capacities of the territorial administration in the provinces concerned, support the administrative framework and accompany demographic changes, social and urban, in addition to adapting the current name of six caïdats with their territorial jurisdictions.

And to add that the said units also aim to abolish a circle and two caïdats because of the change in the status of the two communes which come under it, now elevated to the rank of Pashaliks.

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