Nearly 27,000 Moroccan workers abroad at the end of August

Nearly 27,000 Moroccans joined the labor market abroad at the end of last August, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri said on Monday.

Sekkouri, who answered a central question on “the mobility of Moroccan labor at the international level”, specified that this number is spread over France (14,579 people), Spain (11,429), Qatar ( 109), Canada (84), Germany (80) and Saudi Arabia (77), noting that the integrated sectors concern, in particular, agriculture, air transport, hotels, restaurants, mining industry and health.

He also noted that partnership relations have intensified with a number of companies from the Gulf countries, notably Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which employ medium- and highly-qualified Moroccan skills in several economic areas.

The minister also highlighted the appointment of consultants attached to the embassies of the Kingdom in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates whose mission is to prospect for employment opportunities and monitor Moroccan workers and executives in these countries.

He also expressed the will to conclude new partnership agreements with countries with promising labor markets, noting that a draft agreement was recently proposed and which concerns the employment of Moroccan workers and executives in Saudi Arabia. .

Furthermore, Sekkouri pointed out that meetings have been held with the National Federation of French Hotels, with a view to organizing a pilot operation for the benefit of several hotel industry graduates, also noting the holding of similar meetings with representatives of agricultural unions from three regions of France with the aim of attracting Moroccan labour.

The Ministry, he argued, is studying the possibility of taking advantage of the (permanent / seasonal) work opportunities in the Netherlands expressed by the operators, through the exchange of young people within the framework of agreement between the two countries on the subject, adding that after the successful experience of integrating more than 100 beneficiaries into German companies through work-study work contracts in the fields of tourism and in the hotel industry, and nearly 80 people in the hotel, catering and construction sectors, new operations are underway with the German side.

The Minister also recalled the opening up of the Portuguese labor market, through the holding of meetings with representatives of the agricultural and hotel sectors, within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the bilateral agreement between the two country, noting that a pilot operation will be organized to recruit 400 people in the agricultural sector.

In order to support Moroccan workers who are candidates for emigration, the Ministry, through the National Agency for the Promotion of Jobs and Skills, has developed a program aimed, in particular, at providing logistical support for the realization

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