Morocco wins 2 gold medals, one silver and the Grand Prize for the best international invention

A team from the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI), which represented Morocco at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair ISIF’22, won two gold medals, a silver medal and the grand prize for the best international invention.

Thus, the EMSI’s SMARTiLab laboratory won two gold medals for the two DONATE and SiPROM projects, a silver medal for the UV-C disinfection intelligence system project and the grand prize for the best invention which is awarded by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA).

These distinctions, which are added to the EMSI basket, once again confirm the quality and maturity of the projects presented by Moroccan inventors during this major innovation event in Turkey, which saw the participation of 40 countries from the four corners of the world with more than 1,000 inventions.

Indeed, the innovation SIProM (Intelligent System of Marine Prospecting) is a network composed of intelligent robots each having one or more sensors in order to collect ecological, meteorological, military and maritime information.

DONATE is a smart and connected system bringing together the artistic and technological aspects aimed at contributing to the field of fundraising. As for the Intelligence UV-C system, it consists in contributing to the field of health through the development of a solution allowing regular prevention against viruses, bacteria or others, whatever their areas of existence or in the water, air, on surfaces or otherwise through an intelligent system based on UV-C technology. The idea is carried by an engineering student from EMSI, developed, consolidated and incubated by the SMARTiLab laboratory of EMSI. A team of researchers accompanies the bearers of ideas from the ideation phase to the legal protection of the invention.

“The Moroccan stand, whose Moroccan innovations were exhibited, welcomed and attracted the curiosity of a very large number of Turkish and international visitors who ask for answers and clarifications in relation to the three inventions exhibited”, indicated, in a statement to MAP, the director of the SMARTILAB EMSI Laboratory, Dr. Brahim El Bhiri.

“The other participating inventors praised the great effort made and especially the quality of the inventions. Avenues for collaboration with some Turkish entities have been discussed and negotiated,” El Bhiri said. And to continue that the jury is composed of Turkish and international innovation experts, university professors, industrialists, directors of offices for the protection of ideas and patents, adding that the three Moroccan inventions were evaluated by three jury members of three different nationalities (Croatian, Turkish and Ukrainian). Istanbul International Invention Fair, which is held until September 04 at “Çarşamba” Airport in Samsun, is an annual global exhibition on the commercialization of patents, inventions, new products and technical ideas. organized under the patronage of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations.

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