Morocco, an "indispensable player" in the fight against terrorism

The Deputy Assistant Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for Political Affairs and Security Policy, Javier Colomina Piriz, assured that Morocco is an “indispensable player” in the fight against terrorism .

Following talks on Monday with the representatives of the national departments which monitor the cooperation and partnership program with NATO, Piriz also stressed that the Kingdom is a “very important partner”. for the Atlantic Alliance, welcoming in this respect the “enormous responsibility” that Morocco has chosen to shoulder in the field of the fight against terrorism.

After highlighting the “practical cooperation” that the Atlantic Alliance maintains with the Moroccan military authorities and the “important political dialogue” that it maintains with the Kingdom, the Deputy SG of NATO recalled that Morocco is member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, and maintains an “enormously satisfying” partnership with NATO.

It should be noted that Javier Colomina Piriz, who is on a working visit to the Kingdom, also said he was “extremely satisfied” with the high-level conversations he had with the Moroccan authorities in order to intensify this dialogue and to make it “more regular and more substantial”, emphasizing the need to revitalize it.

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