Morocco aims to become an African leader in the development of e-sport

Morocco aims to become an African leader in the development of e-sport, said Thursday in Rabat, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

On the sidelines of the Morocco E-Sport Summit, Bensaid indicated that “This first meeting around gaming is very important given the Kingdom’s desire to develop this prosperous industry on a global level”.

“Young Moroccans are the first consumers of e-sports at the continental level and it is time to move on to the production and development of content in the field of gaming”noted the minister.

“E-sport is a vector for the development of new professions, such as artificial intelligence and coding, whose potential we must exploit”explained the Moroccan official, adding that Morocco has invested in training for these new professions within faculties and institutes at the national level.

“We believe that this is the right time to move in the direction of the development of gaming, particularly in terms of content creation”, he said, adding that this approach is also supported by leading global companies in this field.

“We want to make e-sport a developed industry in Morocco, like what is done in other industries, such as automotive and aeronautics”he noted, adding that the Morocco E-Sport summit aims to federate efforts and attract large companies in the world of gaming to invest in Morocco.

He pointed out that “this approach is based on a royal vision which drives us to develop new niches to open up to new areas with added value and the promotion of new professions for young Moroccans”.

For his part, the president of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Electronic Games, Hicham El Khlifi, indicated that this first e-sport summit is likely to provide an overview of the gaming environment in Morocco as well as opportunities to develop this industry.

“It is an approach that requires the intervention of stakeholders to attract investors in this promising field which is a vector of economic development and new cutting-edge professions”he explained.

He added that Morocco has the necessary capabilities to position itself at the global level in terms of e-sport, whether at the level of competition or the creation of gaming content.

El Khlifi noted that Morocco aims to organize an African event of e-sport which is likely to promote this new discipline generating an economy which weighs billions of dollars at the global level.

The first Morocco E-Sport Summit, organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, brought together Moroccan officials, investors and electronic game developers to examine the opportunities and means likely to boost this discipline. in the Kingdom.

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