Moroccan skills abroad are associated with reflection

The city of Benguerir hosted this Friday, a scientific congress centered on the governance and management of water scarcity. Moroccan and foreign experts have thus looked into the problem, but above all called for taking advantage of the expertise of Moroccan skills abroad, who are able to offer innovative solutions to the problem of the scarcity of water. ‘water.

Initiated by the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), this meeting, around the theme “governance and management of water scarcity: Challenges and priorities”, falls within the framework of the implementation of the royal guidelines relating to the accompaniment of Moroccan skills abroad and the support of their initiatives, and in interaction with the royal directives concerning the treatment of water issues and the fight against structural water stress in our country.

The participants thus pleaded in favor of the involvement of Moroccan skills established abroad in public debates relating to the major questions and concerns of citizens and to integrate them into all development projects.

In this sense, the Secretary General of the CCME, Abdellah Boussouf, stressed the importance of the creation of an agency dedicated to Moroccan skills established abroad, with the aim of taking advantage of their expertise in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission. special on the New Development Model.

For his part, the president of UM6P, Hicham El Habti, noted that Morocco pays great attention to the issue of water scarcity management in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, indicating that this educational establishment since its opening, worked to take advantage of Moroccan skills established abroad, which represent 70% of the teaching staff of this university.

UM6P puts research and innovation at the center of its strategy, particularly in priority areas such as water management, as evidenced by the creation of the International Water Research Institute (IWRI), which implements inter- and transdisciplinary programs around issues related to Water and Climate, within the UM6P campus, he added.

The governor of the province of Rehamna, Aziz Bouignane, for his part, welcomed the initiative to organize this meeting, which comes just after the royal speech at the opening of the autonomous session of Parliament, noting that Managing water scarcity in the Kingdom involves promoting innovation and scientific research.

In the final declaration adopted at the end of this work, the delegates recommended the adoption of rigorous measures to deal with the overexploitation of groundwater and groundwater as strategic reserves for Morocco, and this, at through the implementation of laws relating to the protection of water resources, the establishment of mechanisms for the supply of groundwater and the fight against “wild drilling” and the promotion of the rationalization of water use underground.

Through this document called the “Declaration of Benguerir of Moroccan skills abroad and experts in the field of water and the management of these resources”, they underlined the imperative to review agricultural investments and crops causing a overexploitation of the water table and to guide this sector, which consumes a lot of water, towards the use of modern technologies in order to preserve water resources, while recommending imposing on major structuring projects the obligation to integrate climate change in their studies and diagrams.

Similarly, MRE participants, in unison, reiterated their commitment to making their skills and expertise available to their country, with a view to strengthening the role of collective intelligence in proposing realistic solutions capable of enabling the Kingdom to deal with this unprecedented water crisis and to meet the challenges of climate change.

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