Main points of the EU-Morocco Memorandum of Understanding

The Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union (EU) signed, Tuesday in Rabat, a Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a green partnership. Here are the main points:

– The Memorandum aims to establish a Green Partnership between partners in the fields of the fight against climate change, energy transition, environmental protection and the promotion of the green and blue economy.

– This green partnership aims to place the fight against climate change, the promotion and advancement of the energy transition, the protection of the environment and the transition towards a green and fair economy among the priorities of relations between the EU and Morocco.

– The memorandum will allow the partners to progress towards their common objectives of becoming low-carbon economies.

– It aims to promote the transition to a decarbonized industry through investment in green technology, the production of renewable energy, sustainable mobility and clean production in industry.

– It will enable partners to strengthen their cooperation and make it a lever for sustainable and mutually beneficial development.

– It aims to develop triangular and South-South cooperation on climate change, green energy, blue economy and the environment.

– It also aims at consultation and early exchanges of policies, taking into account the interests, priorities and concerns of each of the partners when developing policies on climate change, energy transition, environmental protection and green and blue economy at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

– This memorandum aims to raise public awareness, particularly the most vulnerable groups, of climate and environmental challenges, by encouraging the contribution of the various actors to the success of this partnership.

– It also aims to strengthen the involvement of the private sector in green areas, including the mobilization of investments for the green transition of the Moroccan economy, and closer collaboration with financial organizations and European cooperation institutions.

– Through this enhanced cooperation framework, the partners will be able to examine all issues of common interest, share knowledge and good practices, as well as identify and implement concrete and mutually beneficial cooperation initiatives.

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