Macron increasingly unpopular

The popularity rating of French President Emmanuel Macron as well as that of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is collapsing, according to a BVA poll for RTL.

Only 36% of French people now have a good opinion of Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic, a loss of 7 points in one month which brings the President back to the level of February 2020, the date on which he had no than 33% favorable opinion just before the Covid-19 period.

For her part, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, also lost 10 points compared to last month to reach 41%. According to the survey, this drop is explained in particular by the doubts that weigh on her to manage “the social situation and the various shortages”.

Still according to BVA, the price increase, fuel shortage, social conflicts, pension reform are the points that worry the French.

Only 14% of French people believe that since his re-election six months ago, Emmanuel Macron is more attentive to the French people against 34% believe that he is even less attentive than before.

41% of respondents still believe that Emmanuel Macron “knows where he is going”, a drop of 7 points in a few months (and nearly 20 points compared to 2018)”.

Finally, only 41% of French people believe that he is capable of making the necessary decisions, a drop of 12 points since March, just after the start of the war, further specifies RTL.

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