L'Oréal in court for selling "dangerous products"

L’Oréal products, used for hair straightening, are strongly linked to cases of uterine cancer. Several complaints have been filed to this effect in the United States.

At the origin of this case, a study published in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute”, which revealed that women who frequently use chemical products to straighten their hair, have a higher risk of developing cancer of the uterus at age 70 (about 4%). In women who have not used chemical straightening products in the last 12 months, the study estimates a 1.6% risk of developing uterine cancer before the age of 70.

Data from the study showed that the association between hair-straightening products and uterine cancer cases was more pronounced in black women, as they tended to use these chemical-straightening products more frequently ( and very early) than white women.

The first plaintiff, Jenny Mitchell by name, said she applied “these dangerous products” to her hair for almost twenty years, before being diagnosed with uterine cancer for which she underwent a hysterectomy, a complete removal of the organ.

Her uterine cancer was diagnosed on August 10, 2018, and she underwent a complete hysterectomy on September 24, 2018. she.

According to his lawyer, Ben Crump, a tenor of the bars in the United States, L’Oréal deliberately markets its hair straightening products to black women and girls and has not warned of the risks, although he has known since at least 2015 that they contained potentially dangerous chemicals.

The company “benefited significantly” from “unethical and illegal conduct that caused the plaintiff to purchase and habitually use an unsafe and defective product,” the defense argues.

Jenny Mitchell, who is seeking compensation in excess of US$75,000, is not the only one to file a lawsuit, two other individual cases have been filed – in California and New York – against cosmetics companies, including The Oréal, claiming a link between hair straightening chemicals and cancer diagnoses.

“We will no doubt find that the tragic case of Jenny Mitchell is one of many where companies have aggressively deceived black women to increase their profits,” said Ben Crump.

The company L’Oréal, solicited by the press and defense lawyers, has still not commented on this case.

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