Josep Borrell does it again! another xenophobic outrage

A few days ago, on October 13, Josep Borrell Frontelles, “high representative” of the European Union (EU) for foreign affairs and security policy, from a delirium that affects acute senility, expressed at the inauguration of the pilot program of the European Diplomatic Academy.

Also, associating botany and geopolitics, which at first glance, do not go very well together, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell will however retain only this angle to wander in funny fantasies during his speechheld on October 13 in front of the first promotion of the European Diplomatic Academy, based in Bruges (Belgium), during which he tried to paint a picture of the transformations of the profession of diplomat.

He says, in his hallucinatory delirium, ” Bruges is a good example of the European garden “, as an introduction to his speech before spinning a rather surprising metaphor. ” Yes, Europe is a garden “, he continued, believing that “ everything is working on the Old Continent. ” We built a garden. It is the best combination of political freedom, economic prosperity and social cohesion that humanity has ever been able to build. “, did he declare. Do his remarks reflect the appalling racist and colonial mindset that pervades even the highest levels of European political leadership? We can wonder and say whether this is not a neoconservative tendency which is gradually taking control of European diplomacy.

Gardeners should take care of it, but they will not protect the garden by building walls. A nice little garden surrounded by high walls to keep out the jungle will not be a solution. Because the jungle has a strong ability to grow, and the wall will never be high enough to protect the garden “, he explained. Josep Borrell has in any case appropriated the imagination of this American doctrine: Europe is a garden, surrounded by a jungle – it is therefore necessary that the “ gardeners “Europeans accept” to go to the jungle “. As the world fractures around the condemnation of the war in Ukraine, it is appropriate to wonder about the diplomatic significance of this speech.

Is this a civilizational turning point? In any case, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Union did not hesitate to develop an argument aimed at reporting on the transformations of the profession of diplomat after the invasion of Ukraine. Josep Borrell appropriates, in fact, an image that serves as a guideline for his speech: the idea that the European Union would be a garden and the rest of the world a jungle. The future diplomats to whom it is addressed would be the “gardeners” in charge not only of “protecting” the garden from the jungle, but also of “going into the jungle”.

Delivered before an audience of future European civil servants, this speech for external action is not insignificant. It is meant to be heard by the rest of the world. Borrell sends several signals to countries that have chosen neutrality in relation to the Ukrainian conflict. This is not the first decried statement by Josep Borrell, recently at the origin of a controversy with Russian diplomacy over remarks he allegedly made during a European summit in Prague on September 5. last.

The Kremlin had then reproached him for having treated Russia as a fascist and “disqualified” him as a diplomat. We remember that last August, Borrell had slipped in the “name of the EU” about the Sahara before being put in his place by Lahcen El Haddad who had reframed him. The next day, confused and ashamed, like the crow in the fable, he made a mea culpa. Still, following the xenophobic remarks of October 13, a petition calls for the resignation of the head of EU diplomacy.

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