Israeli exports to Morocco estimated at $250 million a year

The volume of Israeli exports to Morocco amounts to around a quarter of a billion dollars a year, based on a joint assessment between the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and the Israel Export Institute, the newspaper states, “ Israel Hayom”.

“Israel Hayom” adds on the basis of the report prepared by the two administrations that the trade between Israel and Morocco does not exceed tens of millions of dollars per year, while the number of Israeli tourists who visit Morocco varies between 30,000 and 45,000 tourists per year.

The report discusses the importance of the resumption of relations between the two countries, strong cultural relations, noting that the areas that will allow Israel to increase its exports to Morocco are mainly agricultural inputs, water treatment, digitization, smart industries, cybersecurity, digital health systems and smart city systems.

The report points out that another advantage of the development of trade with Morocco is the entry into force of the African free trade agreement, several months ago, and thus, Morocco will become a gateway to the African markets.

The report quotes Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Issawi Freij as saying that strengthening the State of Israel’s cooperative relations in the region is a top strategic goal.

The director of the Israel Export Institute also said he was convinced that “economic and trade cooperation with Morocco will achieve important results for both parties”.

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