Iran more than ever at the heart of the debates of the Arab Summit session

After the Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, during the closed session of the meetings of Arab foreign ministers preparing for the Summit of the Arab League of Heads of State, rejected the proposal of the Kingdom of Morocco to condemn firmly the arming of the “polisario” by Iran with suicide drones, it is clear that Algeria fully supports the penetration of Iranian influence in North Africa and the Middle East.

According to Al Arabiya channel sources, who referred to Nasser Bourita’s request to include Iran’s arming of the Polisario with drones and the targeting of Arab lands, whether in the Gulf or the Sahara of Morocco, Ramtane Lamamra, refused it, even before the head of Moroccan diplomacy intervened to say to Lamamra: ” You don’t have the right to refuse. There is a vote and unanimity “. However, the Algerian Foreign Minister ignored her words before Nasser Bourita reiterated the same request, supporting her a little more, according to sources from the Al-Arabiya news channel. The latter stating that ” most of the delegations in the room then left the meeting room without leaving Algeria “.

Indeed, intelligence reports indicated that Tehran was supplying the “polisario” with various types of weapons thanks to Algerian mediation. The separatists having intercepted a few weeks ago unmanned aircraft in order to confront the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR). The latter use these war mechanisms to dissuade all the mobility of the “polisario” in the buffer zone.

In this regard, international relations researcher and military expert, Mohamed Choucair, told MoroccoLatestNews that “ Morocco previously cut off diplomatic relations with Iran because of Tehran’s arming of the “polisario” », in addition to its support through field exercises.

Today, our interlocutor will say, the separatist movement has even moved to a higher level, which consists of acquiring military drones. Mohamed Choucair added, “Iran’s influence will increase in the North African region due to the Israeli presence in Morocco, after the signing of the Abraham Tripartite Agreement has taken effect. Tehran, in the affair considering Tel-Aviv as a permanent enemy, pushed Iran to arm the “polisario” to face the joint alliance between Tel-Aviv and Rabat “.

Choucair further indicated that “Iran has forged a new alliance with Algeria to counter Israeli influence in the region“, pointing out that”this point will raise disputes at the Arab summit, not only between Algeria and Morocco, but also between Algeria and the Arab countries of the Gulf, given that the Gulf’s relations with Iran have always been tense“. He considers it a threat to national security.

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