great prospects for cooperation with Morocco in the agricultural sector

Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oded Forer, affirmed that there are very great prospects for cooperation with Morocco in the agricultural sector, calling for good investment in the advantages offered by the economies of the two countries. in the sector to establish promising partnerships.

“We are currently making sure to leverage the advantages of both countries in the sector. I recently had discussions by videoconference with my Moroccan counterpart, and we discussed the major issues affecting the agricultural sector, as well as the various topics that will be addressed by this conference, and which are a source of concern for both countries. »added the Israeli minister during a press conference on Tuesday in Eilat, following the opening of an international conference on food production technologies from the sea and the desert.

“I am happy with Morocco’s significant participation in this conference, because Morocco has important experiences from which we can benefit, particularly in ocean research”did he declare.

He explained that this conference is the first of its kind in the region which suffers from the same problems of climate change, high temperatures and drought, noting that it is an opportunity to address the problems of agriculture and to discuss how to guarantee food for future generations.

Forer stressed that the whole world is invited to address issues related to food security and the climate crisis, noting that the conference is an opportunity for discussion, participation and establishment of partnerships between the countries of the region, to deal with these problems.

Morocco is represented at this event by Abdelmalek Faraj, Director General of the National Fisheries Research Institute (INRH), Mohamed Idhalla, Head of the Institute’s Aquaculture Department, and Majda MaĆ¢rouf, Director of the National Agency for the development of aquaculture (ANDA).

The conference is also attended by more than 70 representatives from many countries, including Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Malta, Ghana, Singapore, Romania, Netherlands and Australia.

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