from the Israeli desert to Dakhla in Morocco

The ministers of the United States, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Bahrain had displayed a common front, unprecedented at the last summit organized in the Negev desert.

The partners of the “Abraham Accords” had notably displayed their ambition to remain united in the face of insecurity, particularly that of Iran. According to the Israeli press, Morocco will host the second ministerial meeting of the Negev Forum next January, we learn.

No need to guess the place, it is the pearl of southern Morocco to which the honor would go, as the head of Moroccan diplomacy, Nasser Bourita, had said, calling for the flowering of a “spirit of the Negev, that of coexistence” had made an appointment with his counterparts ” in another desert, but with the same spirit ».

Also, even if the place had not been officially specified, it is indeed the pearl of southern Morocco that will host this event next January. Two months later, it will be the United Arab Emirates that will host the working groups of the Negev Forum as in Manama (Bahrain), during the meeting of the senior officials of these nations represented at the Israeli-Arab summit in the Negev.

Although the dates have not yet been finalized, the United Arab Emirates is preparing to host the Negev Forum working groups – six panels responsible for advancing regional projects in the areas of regional security, food security and water, energy, health, education and tourism – in November. As Morocco prepares to host the second annual ministerial meeting in January, according to four US and Middle Eastern diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity, The Times Of Israel understands.

It is rumored that various member countries of the Negev Forum are trying to convince Jordan to join the alliance. Indeed, as Negev Forum countries prepare for their upcoming gatherings in the coming months, efforts to bring Jordan into the fold have intensified, U.S. and Middle Eastern diplomats told “The Times of Israel”.

So far, Amman has been conspicuously absent from Negev Forum meetings with representatives from the United States, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Egypt. Jordanian officials have indicated that they are not ready to join the Negev Forum until the Palestinians are also at the table.

The Palestinian Authority itself has shown no interest in collaborating with a regional initiative which it sees as an attempt to set aside its diplomatic agenda. Yet the members of the Negev Forum had already laid the groundwork for this possibility, by publishing a joint statement at the end of the June steering committee meeting.

They stated that “the chairs of the working groups, with the consensus of the members, may invite non-member participants to participate in specific initiatives where their participation provides a direct benefit to the stated objective of the initiative”. Also in this spirit it must be said that a surprise is not to be ruled out soon in Dakhla, on one side or the other.

The Negev Summit should be held on a regular basis in each member country. Logically, therefore, it is the Kingdom which should host the next edition in January.

Officially, no date for this event has yet been put forward by the Moroccan authorities, but the Kingdom is preparing it, we know. The wish of Moroccan diplomacy is to see Palestine participate in the Negev negotiations. Morocco and Egypt, would have already lobbied for Palestinian participation in the forum”reports The Times of Israel.

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