France: State sentenced for exceeding air pollution thresholds

France: State sentenced for exceeding air pollution thresholds

The Council of State condemned the French State to pay the sum of 20 million euros in penalty due to “the persistence of exceeding the limit thresholds” of pollution with nitrogen dioxide and for not having acted fairly quickly against air pollution.

A press release from the Council specifies that “after having ordered the State, since 2017, to enforce European standards, included in French law, for air quality, the Council of State today condemns it to pay two new penalty payments of 10 million euros for the two periods from July 2021 to January 2022 and from January to July 2022″.

And the highest administrative court in France to warn that “if improvements over time have been observed, the limit thresholds for nitrogen dioxide pollution – which must be respected since 2010 – remain exceeded in several areas in France, particularly in the agglomerations of Paris, Lyon and Marseille”.

To date, continues the same source, the measures taken by the State do not guarantee that the quality of the air improves in such a way that the limit thresholds of pollution are respected in the shortest possible time.

The penalty will again be distributed between the association “Les Amis de la Terre” which initially seized the Council of State in 2017 and several organizations and associations engaged in the fight against air pollution, further underlined the Board of state.

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