Essaouira: 170 Artists and 14 exceptional concerts to celebrate the return of Atlantic Andalusia

“They came, they are all there…”, nothing better than this cry from the heart can express the emotion and joy felt by the thousands of music lovers who are preparing to join Essaouira, from October 27 to 29, to reconnect with the Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques after a break of 3 years, Covid obliges.

And what a reunion: 170 artists, 14 concerts, 3 stages and a program that will again this year be signed with the seal of exception to make this 2022 edition, a vintage that will make a mark, we read in a press release from the association. Essaouira-Mogador, organizer of this high quality event.

Moroccan exception and scores written “souirie style” for this unique meeting in the world where hundreds of Muslims and Jews, but not only, choose to meet for the happiness of being together, of singing together, of Listen and debate together, attentive to each other and concerned that everyone’s narratives have their place with the respect that is due to them, underlines the Association.

And to chain that this is the Moroccan school, this is “the spirit of Essaouira” said the great Edgar Morin one day, getting up in the middle of one of our concerts to proclaim his emotion by rediscovering this Judeo-Muslim capillarity rooted in the depth of a centuries-old Moroccan history.

“An emotion that Essaouira has the talent to embody through the grace of + Matrouz +, this musical embroidery that alternates Arabic and Hebrew, melhoun and chgouri, flamenco and + Ala +, the time of a festival like no other”, emphasizes the press release.

On the program this year, the great Maestro Omar Metioui with his orchestra “Rawafid” which welcomes Elad Levi and his musicians, undisputed icons of the Jewish scene of Arab-Andalusian music, continues the same source.

Also invited Gusto another singer and musician has for the first time in Essaouira, who will tell us in his own way the most beautiful pages of the repertoire of popular Judeo-Arab song as will do over the concerts, Abir El Abed, Zainab Afailal and obviously like every year the great diva Raymonde El Bidaouia and Abderrahim Souiri, emblematic incarnation of the Souirie school of Arab-Andalusian music, a school which for centuries has shone in Morocco and far from our borders.

Particularly rich in highlights, this 2022 edition “will bring us back to the legendary group of +Hapiyout+, these much-awaited Jewish troubadours from Tafilalet and whose souiri concert in 2018 was shared on social networks by millions of music lovers”, continues- we.

“It is in this register of emotion that we must also register this premiere to which Essaouira invites us this year with, after midnight, a singular evening which will bring together Sufi, Muslim and Jewish traditions. A meeting for an evening of + Baqqachot + and + Amdahs + mixing Arabic and Hebrew that we owe to the paytanims of the + Matrouz + ensemble and the singers of the + Al Anouar Al Mohamadia + troupe, ”notes the Association.

And to specify that other premieres are on the program, Mor Karbasi the new star of the Sephardic repertoire who will take the stage with Zora Tanirt, a committed and talented performer of Amazigh heritage.

The Quartetoukan will also be in Essaouira, which travels the stages of the world to sing the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, while the group Afalkay, born in Essaouira, will invite Soukaina Fahsi for a very special kaleidoscope which will alternate, souirie way, jazz, flamenco , the chgouri and of course the gnaoui repertoire.

“Last but not least, it is Essaouira which will have the privilege and the chance this year to receive for the first time in Morocco, the + Grand Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia +, the most prestigious formation of Andalusia which will perform in Essaouira. thanks to the generosity and Souiri commitment of the regional government of Andalusia”, say the organizers.

Finally, “we will leave with an anthology closing concert which has taken up the challenge of bringing back to life the most emblematic and popular pages of the Judeo-Arab musical heritage through a program inspired by the great richness of the spiritual and musical heritage of Essaouira, that of the Zaouias like that of the Gnaouas, that of the Rzoun like that of the Malhoun”, rejoices the Association.

“In short, a real fireworks display to revisit and salute this meeting as it deserves, with all the talents, all the promises and all the possibilities”, concludes the same source.

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