Don Royal to the Zaouia des Regraga in Essaouira

A Royal Commission proceeded, on Monday, to the delivery of a Royal Gift to the Chorfas of the Zaouia des Regraga in Essaouira, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the disappearance of the late Hassan II, may God rest his soul.

This Royal Don was given to the Moqadem of the Zaouia des Regraga, Abdelaziz El Moqaddem, during a religious ceremony held at the said Zaouia in the old medina of the Cité des Alizés, in the presence in particular of the governor of the province of Essaouira , Adil El Maliki, the president of the local council of ulemas, elected officials, heads of external services, representatives of local authorities, followers and chorfas of Regraga as well as other personalities.

This ceremony, which took place in an atmosphere marked by piety and meditation, was marked by the declamation of verses from the Holy Quran and panegyrics of the Prophet Sidna Mohammed (PSL).

On this occasion, the audience implored the Most High to preserve King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, to grant long life and health to the Sovereign, to guide His steps and to crown with success His tireless actions in the service of development. and the progress of the Kingdom, and to fulfill it in the persons of the Crown Prince, Moulay El Hassan, of Prince Moulay Rachid and of all the members of the Illustrious Royal Family.

Prayers were also raised for the repose of the souls of the late Sovereigns Late Mohammed V and Late Hassan II.

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