Daily press review for this Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Here are the main headlines developed by the national press for this Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The morning

Mohamed Dkhissi: Morocco has aborted 500 terrorist plans since 2002

The central director of the judicial police and director of the Interpol Morocco office, Mohamed Dkhissi, indicated that Morocco has managed to abort more than 500 terrorist projects since 2002. Dkhissi was speaking at the opening session on Tuesday of the world congress on safety and new chemical threats organized in Marrakech. He thus underlined that the proactive approach to the fight against terrorism and extremism adopted by Morocco has enabled, in its security aspect, the dismantling of 214 terrorist cells between 2002 and 2021, making it possible to bring 4,304 people to justice.

Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki

The king dubs the appointment of magistrates in several courts of the Kingdom

King Mohammed VI, President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), kindly granted His High approval to the appointment of judicial officials in several jurisdictions of the Kingdom, for the first session of the year 2022. These appointments concern 79 positions of judicial responsibility, i.e. more than 35% of the positions of judicial responsibility in the various jurisdictions of the Kingdom, indicates a press release from the CSPJ. These appointments also concerned seven women judges, five of whom are assuming responsibility for the first time, out of the 32 magistrates to whom positions of responsibility have been entrusted, i.e. 40.50% of the total number of positions of responsibility having changed.

Morocco today

The dollar-euro exchange rate worries

The Ministry of Economy and Finance adapts its forecasts for the next fiscal year to the exchange rate of the US dollar against the euro. In recent weeks, the European currency recorded for the first time in decades, a decline against the greenback. It should be noted that any appreciation of the US dollar against the currency of the euro zone automatically has repercussions on the Moroccan economy. And for good reason. The majority of Moroccan currency receipts are in euros. There are of course transfers from MREs (Moroccans residing abroad) but also and above all Moroccan exports to Europe paid of course against European currency with a few exceptions.

The Economist

Real estate: household purchase intentions

When real estate is good, everything is fine… Admittedly, this is not yet the case, but all the ingredients for the beginnings of a resumption of transactions are present this time around. According to a study carried out by the specialized portal Mubawab, 88% of respondents intend to carry out a real estate project. Even more, 51% of them are planning a real estate purchase in the next 6 months. In addition, 24% expect to make an acquisition within a year and 13% within two years at the latest. The intention to buy a property varies quite strongly according to age. It is the 35-49 year olds who most plan to soon become homeowners (43%).

Eco Inspirations

PLF 2023: the noose will tighten on agricultural income!

After a year 2022 marked by drought, which continues to rage, and the water deficit recorded compared to a normal campaign, the holders of agricultural income will again be subject to a blow of pressure, this time coming of the Tax. Indeed, they will have to submit, from January 1, 2023, to a much stricter control of their income. The PLF 2023 thus proposes to reinstate the taxation of the annual global income of natural persons according to the rates of the progressive scale of income tax, with application of withholding tax (RAS) for certain categories of income including agricultural income. This measure is part of the implementation of the framework law on tax reform, aimed at the gradual application of the principle of taxation of the overall income of natural persons.

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