Cornered, the Polisario brandishes (again!) the threat of armed struggle

The United Nations Security Council adopted, Thursday, October 27, resolution 2654 extending the mandate of the minurso for one year, and calling on the 4 parties to the conflict to register positively and in good faith, in a process of negotiation to achieve a “political and mutually accepted” resolution to this conflict.

In this regard, the text reiterated that the political solution should be “realistic, pragmatic, lasting, and based on compromise”, which can only be the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative, put on the table by the Kingdom since 2007, and whose pre-eminence was again reaffirmed by the Security Council.

If Morocco welcomed the adoption of this “confirmation and evolution” resolution, resulting from an all-out diplomatic dynamic, and growing international support from important and influential countries for the Moroccan Initiative for autonomy, the separatist front does not hear it that way.

Cornered, unmasked, more and more let go and running out of arguments, the Polisario brings out its old literature and its eternal card, namely “self-determination”, “independence” and “armed struggle”.

In a long press release published by its “general secretariat” after the vote, the separatist front, created, armed and sheltered by Algeria, chose to point out “the persistent inaction of the Security Council in the face of aggressive and persistence” of Morocco on the Sahara issue.

In its usual headlong rush, the Ghali clan refuses to take responsibility for its failures and to admit the unfoundedness of its thesis, and prefers to attack the international community and the UN Security Council, he accuses of “unfortunate silence, of unwarranted reluctance (…) of devastating ambiguity which aggravates the current impasse in a way, will only weaken and hinder the mission of the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Sahara, further deteriorates the operational environment of MINURSO and exacerbates the originally tense situation on the ground”.

But all of this is only packaging of the true position, that dictated by Al Mouradia: bogging down the conflict, prolonging the impasse, rejecting any pragmatic and responsible dialogue and continuing to enrich themselves “on the back” of a lost cause.

The true position, that rejecting any settlement in order to be able to continue to benefit from an international manna which never reaches its dentinaries, ends up being expressed: “The Front will not participate in any peace process based on a deviant approach, in the form and substance (of said settlement plan), and will continue to use all legitimate means, including armed struggle to defend its inalienable and non-negotiable rights to self-determination and independence”.

And that is what is said! But this situation cannot be tolerated any longer by an international community, increasingly upset by the rigid attitude of the separatist front, which shows no cooperation, sacrificing in the process generations of oppressed, starving and detained Sahrawis against their will in camps of shame and deprived of the minimum conditions of a dignified life.

A situation that the Security Council did not fail to mention in resolution 2654, thus confirming the concerns of the international community regarding “the systematic diversion of humanitarian aid intended for these populations, duly documented in reports by organizations international”.

The Council also denounced the Polisario’s continuous violations of the ceasefire in the east of the Moroccan defense system, in contrast to Morocco’s constant cooperation with the UN Mission.

This same Morocco, on the strength of its achievements and growing international support, Morocco reiterated its commitment to support the efforts of the UN Secretary General and his Personal Envoy aimed at relaunching the round table process, with a view to reach a political solution, based on the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative and in strict respect of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the Kingdom. God will recognize his own…

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