CDG Prévoyance: 159 MDH of total savings managed in 2021

Savings management has been, since the creation of CDG, the historical activity of the group with a know-how that exceeds 60 years. The branch of collecting and securing funds has experienced, like several other sectors in Morocco, a slowdown in activities and income with the advent of the pandemic. On the other hand, the activity was able to catch up by recording in 2021 an increase in fundraising of 3.2% compared to 2020, indicated the last activity report of the fund.

After the COVID-19 crisis, the financial institution was able to resume the normal course of its activities, starting with the strengthening of its national network by reaching 120 branches with the branch opened in Fez in March 2021. also towards the digitization of its offers by introducing the DGI tax payment service and several digital services in order to simplify exchanges and access to information for members. In addition, the institution has contributed to the payment of advances from the Fonds d’Entraide Familiale to 14,925 families for the benefit of divorced and abandoned women under Law No. 87-17.

However, the general activity of this essential sector recorded a total of 4.5 MDH of deposits in terms of mobilization, an increase of 3.2% compared to 2020, as well as an amount of 156 MDH of total savings. managed within the Division.

According to the report, the consignment activity in relation to the public services contributed to the payment of the funds entrusted to the Pôle de gestion. This is the liquidation of 64,769 files including 45,189 guarantees liquidated at the level of the TGR network within the framework of expropriations, property of minors and guarantees constituted by bidders and suppliers of public contracts. While the banking activity of institutional customers participated in the implementation of AMO student cash funds in a management mandate for an amount of 40 MDH.

As for the pension branch, piloted by CDG Prévoyance, the report specifies that a total of 151 MDH of reserves recorded in 2021 comes from more than 20 pension plans and provident funds on the national territory. The savings managed by this subsidiary reached, at the end of 2021, 159 million dirhams, i.e. approximately 13% of GDP and represents more than a third of pension funds at the national level.

That said, CDG holds the position of a major player and an important contributor when it comes to the original profession that it has exercised since its very beginning. The ambitious strategy that it has developed aims to develop provident insurance in the Kingdom and to support the participating parties in the advancement of retirement activity by also integrating excluded categories and by strengthening its intervention plans for the management existing pensions.

In this sense, the financial institution aims to provide innovative and effective solutions at the service of public authorities. As a first objective, the caisse plans to develop “new sources of growth in line with the business of rights manager, to make investment management a dynamic in the service of the balance of the managed schemes and the profitable financing of the economy”, underlines the report, en adding that CDG plans to “pursue the continuous improvement of the value chain, the operational system and risk management, to make operational performance, agility and the fair use of resources the guarantors of the management model”.

While CDG is engaged in the last year of its 2017-2022 strategic plan, the Group is now showing greater efficiency in its interventions and more clarity in its strategic orientations, in line with both its original mission but also with the socio-economic challenges of our time“, said Khalid Safir, Managing Director of CDG, in his message.

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