Budget 2023, construction sites in progress... Lighting by Abdelouahab Belmadani

Under the finance law 2023,he Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MSPS) saw its budget increase up to 19.5%. What exactly will this budget be used for? Is it sufficient or not? MoroccoLatestNews UK spoke exclusively with Abdelouahab Belmadani, Director of Planning and Financial Resources at the Ministry of Health, who tells us more.

MoroccoLatestNews UK: The PSPS budget has been revised upwards for the 2023 budget year. What exactly will this budget be used for, and what are the priority projects?

The MSPS budget will experience a significant increase in 2023 to an amount of 28.12 billion dirhams (MMDH) against 23.54 billion dirhams in 2022, an increase of around 4.58 billion dirhams (+19.5% ).

Indeed, the budget reserved for personnel expenses increased by 18% to reach 13.4 billion dirhams and the budget devoted to equipment and miscellaneous expenses increased by 1.4 billion dirhams, i.e. an increase of 27% compared to 2022. In addition, the investment budget also increased by 16% to stand at 8 billion dirhams.

This budget will be devoted in particular to the implementation of the overall overhaul of the health system in its various components with a view to supporting the royal project to generalize social protection. In particular, this concerns the upgrading of the supply of care through the construction and upgrading of health infrastructures (Primary health care establishments -ESSP- and hospitals) and their equipment as well as the setting up of implementation of an integrated health information system at the level of hospitals and ESSPs.

Furthermore, and with a view to strengthening access to quality health care and improving the availability of drugs at all levels, the appropriations of the special allocation account experienced a significant increase of 700 million dirhams compared to 2022 to stand at 1.9 billion dirhams.

MoroccoLatestNews UK : Job creations of up to 5,500 are planned for 2023. Is this the recruitment of doctors or nurses to remedy the current shortage… or even administrative executives?

Indeed, in order to support the ministry in meeting its human resource needs and remedying the acute shortage of health professionals and in line with the priority given by the government to the health sector, 5,500 budget items are planned under of the year 2023 which will be granted in priority to doctors and nurses while also strengthening the technical and administrative staff.

MoroccoLatestNews UK: With the increase in the budget of the MSPS, is the construction and equipment of hospitals and health centers planned to accompany the project of the generalization of medical coverage?

Indeed, the increase in the budget of the MSPS for the 2023 budget year aims to strengthen the supply of health care in order to support the project of the generalization of social protection.

This concerns in particular the implementation of the operations covered by agreements signed before King Mohammed VI, the strengthening of the supply of hospital care through the upgrading of hospitals (infrastructure and equipment) as well as the construction of new hospitals including:

  • the continuation of construction and equipment work:
    • of the new University Hospitals of Agadir and Laâyoune
    • of the Ibn Sina hospital in Rabat
    • CHR of Guelmim, CHP of Nador, CHP of Tinghir, CHP of Sidi Ifni, CHP of Tarfaya, CHP of Fkih Ben Salah, CHP of Khemissset, CHP of Er-Rhamna, HP of Talsint, HP of Erfoud, HP of Rissani , HP of Tamanar, HP of Imintanout, HP of Figuig, HP of Ahfir, HP of Tamsourt, Psychiatric hospital of Kenitra, psychiatric hospital of Agadir, specialty hospital of Tetouan, ….
  • the launch of construction and equipment works for the CHR of Beni Mellal, CHP of Azilal, CHP of Sefrou, CHP of Taounate, CHP of Fez, specialty hospitals of Meknes, specialty hospital of Ouarzazate, HP of Boulemane, HP of Bir Gendouz, …..
  • the launch of the construction and equipment project for the new Errachidia University Hospital
  • the launch of construction and equipment projects for CHR in Dakhla, CHP in Berkane, etc. .

It also involves strengthening the ESSPs, which are the gateway to the health system through the upgrading of approximately 1,400 ESSPs.

MoroccoLatestNews Fr: In your opinion, is this increase sufficient for a real reform of the system, or will the problem still exist?

It should be recalled that the State has made significant efforts in recent years in terms of the budgets allocated to the MSPS. Indeed, the budget of this department has almost doubled between 2018 and 2023. This testifies to the interest granted by the government to the health sector and the upgrading of the care offer to support the generalization of insurance. disease to the whole population.

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