Bouden: Royal speech presents strategic recipe for progress

The speech addressed by King Mohammed VI, on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the 2nd legislative year of the 11th legislature, which took place this Friday, constitutes a clear and direct message emphasizing the water issues facing the Kingdom at this time and the importance of promoting investment.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, Mohamed Bouden, head of the Atlas Center for the analysis of political and institutional indicators, dissects the royal speech and underlines that it is the representation of a “ strong moment to anticipate the repercussions of water stress, anticipate opportunities for productive investments and make Morocco an attractive land for national and foreign investments”, adding that it is in particular a “strategic statement of clear objectives in water and investment policies and a firm determination to achieve them“.

The Sovereign recalled that Morocco has entered a period of intense drought, which the Kingdom has not witnessed for more than three decades. In this sense, Bouden explains that he “is clear that the increase in water demand under conditions marked by complexity and uncertainty can lead to an unsustainable situationand added that this is the reason why “the King presented a vision with four critical directions”.

The analyst gives more details,“The first orientation focuses on modern innovations and technologies and their role in saving water and reusing wastewater. The second depends on the rationalization of groundwater exploitation and the preservation of groundwater. As for the third trend, it has made water a subject of strategic interest for many sectors, and to conclude the fourth trend has focused on the real cost of water resources”.

The manager highlights the fundamental issue for Morocco, which consists of the conservation and quality of water and its sustainable use in production and daily life. He adds that “the national priority program for water 2020-2027 and the strengthening of the system of dams, water connection stations and seawater desalination as hydraulic infrastructures will represent tools for managing the risks of water availability and fight against water stress with accurate assessments“.

Bouden mentions in his statement that the observed decline in water availability is a problem that cannot be deferred. It therefore needs to be addressed as part of a long-term strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change, reduce economic and demographic pressures, and devise management and control methods. Use must adapt to water fluctuations and demand and raise the level of water awareness in society.

Certainly, achieving faster growth of the national economy requires connected work at the level of water and investment policies, and the royal speech represents a directed dashboard to work boldly to face the challenges and embody the deep meaning of the idea of ​​Moroccan water security“, continues our source.

As for the second subject mentioned during the royal speech, the Moroccan researcher recalls that the royal vision in the field of investment aims to achieve a decisive transformation and a qualitative leap. This lays the foundation for a national investment contract by mobilizing 550 billion dirhams and creating 500,000 jobs between 2022 and 2026. This vision will achieve maximum benefits as well as a high impact on the national economy.

It then underlines the active role of the labor market and the sustainability of investments for the government, the private sector and the banking sector. “The private sector will be one of the main drivers to push the national economy towards greater competitiveness, with the Kingdom of Morocco entering the club of industrialized countries in the field of defense and pharmaceutical industries.“, he completes.

To continue, Bouden indicates that “the King has set the general framework for an appropriate and stimulating investment climate which is mainly based on the encouragement of private initiative and entrepreneurship, the attraction of foreign investment, the activation of the charter of the administrative decentralization, the digitization of procedures and the handling of disruptions in contractual relations by alternative means of communication. conflict resolution, such as mediation and arbitration“.

Accordingly, the political analyst and scholar emphasizes the role of government in both its chambers in “the progress of water and investment files for the front in accordance with the guiding framework established by King Mohammed VI. In particular within the framework of the powers conferred by the Constitution on Parliament in terms of legislation and control of government action, evaluation of public policies and making parliamentary action an expression of the concern stamped with the priority of citizens“.

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