Ali Zaoua comes out in theaters in a 4K remaster

20 years after its first theatrical release, Ali Zaoua, one of director Nabil Ayouch’s very first films, will be released on October 26, 2022 in a restored version: 4K image, HDR sound…

According to the initiators of this project, if the editing is the same, the experience is unprecedented, even for spectators who have already seen it on the big screen at the time. It is also, for the younger generations, the opportunity to discover the film in very good conditions.

But beyond the visual pleasure offered by this remastering, the release of Ali Zaoua is for Nabil Ayouch the opportunity to put the subject of street children back at the heart of the public debate and to (re)raise awareness of all the active forces.

“I make films because I have the weakness to believe that a film can change things, or at least modify reality to a certain extent. Twenty years ago, when I decided to make a film about and with street children as the main heroes, it was to denounce a situation that seemed to me unacceptable in our society,” he says.

And to add; “20 years later, the situation is almost the same. This continues to irritate me. Bringing out Ali Zaoua two decades later is not only cultural news but also a militant action which aims to raise awareness and remind the enormous work done every day on the ground by the associative fabric, which needs to be supported by all and all “.

From Wednesday, October 26, therefore, the new version of the film Ali Zaoua will be broadcast in major cinemas across the Kingdom.

This remastered version of Ali Zaoua will also be available on the Moroccan and independent cinema platform Aflamin (

Acclaimed by the public as much as by the critics, Ali Zaoua received 44 prizes from the biggest international and national film festivals, including the Grand Prize for the best film at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2000, the Audience Prize at the of the Mediterranean film of Brussels 2000, the Prize for the best supporting role and grand prize for the best film at the African Film Festival of Khouribga 2000, Pre-nomination for the Oscar for the best foreign film 2001, the Grand Prix, the Prize for the best film , Best Director Award, Best Editing Award and Best Actor Award at the Alexandria International Film Festival 2001, the Golden Stallion (Grand Prize) at the Pan-African Festival of Ouagadougou Fespaco 2001, the Grand Prize, UNICEF Prize 2001 , or the Public Prize at the Black Movie Festival, cinema of other worlds in Geneva 2002.

Ali Zaoua also represented Morocco at the Best Foreign Film Oscar
in 2001.

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