Algeria uses Arab summit to support 'Russian dictatorship'

Ferhat Mehenni, leader of the Movement for the independence of the Kabylia region in Algeria (MAK), does not beat around the bush when it “is about the Algerian authority” if there is authority. He describes the regime as a “thug” who behaves like a spoiled and whimsical child under the protection of the Russian dictatorship, which guarantees him impunity.

Ferhat Mehenni, known as Ferhat Imazighen Imula, confided in MoroccoLatestNews to say whatever was on his mind. Also a few days before the holding of the Arab summit which should, scheduled for early November in Algiers, the head of the “Kabyle government in exile” assured that ” Algeria is in no way interested in any unification of the Arab Arab countries, as its propaganda would have you believe, but that this event is only about a + state ego + and political maneuvers to support Putin in his war against Ukraine“.

In response to a question from MoroccoLatestNews about the Algerian regime’s promotion of big political slogans such as Arab reunification and unity of ranks ahead of the Arab summit, even as it makes ” the policy of hostility and division against some of its neighbors a credo, the leader of the “MAK”, who resides in France, indicated, that ” the Algerian regime is the system of generals and soldiers who do not bother with contradictions or lies“.

The military regime in Algeria relies on the Russian dictatorship which guarantees it impunity like the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,” supports Mehenni, adding that this is the posture of“a rogue regime that behaves like an inconstant child and is used to seeing all its whims satisfied, at the risk of causing chaos”.

Nope ! for the Kabyle leader, “ the Algerian regime has no intention of uniting the ranks of the Arab countries (…) and this Arab summit is a matter of +arrogance+ or an expression of +the state is me+, as it is a political maneuver to obtain the support of the Arab League in order to perpetuate the plan of the Russian president to invade and annex Ukraine”.

For our interlocutor, it is no coincidence that the Arab summit is held in Algiers, a few days before the Russian-Algerian military maneuvers in the territorial waters of Algeria“.

Indeed, these joint military exercises, called “Desert Shield 2022”, will take place between November 16 and 28, and “ are notaccording to Russian officials, directed towards no third parties, but intended solely for fight against terrorism ».

Ferhat Mehenni has another reading of things. For him, ” this Algiers summit should be seen as a form of threat towards the Arab countries which are not in agreement with the generals who preside over the destinies of Algeria. This same Algeriahe pointed out, which is known to all for its propensity to provoke wars with its neighborhood. She even made a + way of life +“.

And it’s there ” the message that the Kabyle people want to send to the summit, inviting Arab countries and leaders to understand the position of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, and to support the people kabyle in his fight to defend his right to decide his own fate”, said the MAK leader.

Addressing the issue of human rights violations in the Kabylia region, Ferhat Mehenni said ” that currently three complaints are lodged at the level of the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Algeria, and at the level of United Nations expert mechanisms, in addition to a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC), concerning the crimes of torture, murder and attempted genocide, particularly that of 2021“.

The memorandum on the right to self-determination of the Kabyle people, recalled Mehenni, has been submitted to the United Nations since September 2017, and needs the diplomatic support of friendly countries to get things moving within the UN bodies.

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