A manager outraged by the dishes served in a school canteen

The Wali of the commune of Laghouat in Algeria was outraged during a visit to a school in the city. He was very sensitive to the “quality” of the food served to children in the canteen, which was far from adequate and suitable for children.

“This quantity served to children is not sufficient for their development when they are in the full growth phase. And you think he (child’s note) will grow and be satisfied? Nope! “, he said, taking a pasta dish served to the students.

“And don’t tell me you’re going to serve them more,” he said in front of the school officials, who told him they were going to increase the quantities.

Expressing his disapproval, he told those in charge of the establishment: “We must not deprive the children, some are ashamed, are afraid to say (that it is not enough for them). Treat them like your children. Parents deprive themselves to give to their children, so you do the same”. “Serve them whole meals so they’ll be full,” he ordered, very annoyed.

And on going in front of the establishment, the Wali was once again shocked by the dilapidated state of the building which has not been the subject of any care on the part of the directors over the years, to the point where the paint has peeled off.

“Stop lying, stop lying to yourself, you haven’t repainted!” And that, you painted it? he launched once again.

The Wali, shocked by the state of the school, considered that it had been “abandoned”, and taking the director to task, while he was inspecting the toilets, he told him that he was responsible for this situation . “You see there’s a leak and you don’t fix it, you let it go. You are responsible for this waste,” he said.

This is the first time that an Algerian official has adopted such a direct and critical tone towards establishments in a country where the official discourse seeks to show that “everything is fine”. For once, an Algerian official showed genuine concern for the well-being of citizens, especially children.

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