A first edition to modernize IT in the Industry sector

Only a few years ago, Moroccan and African companies were still thinking about the best way to transform digitally. Today, and in the digital age and especially after the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, it has turned out that the survival and prosperity of a company depends on its technological modernization plan to guarantee the stability and long-term operational success of any production or service entity.

Hence the idea of ​​a One Day Meeting. Under the theme “IT modernization for the industry sector: State of play and prospects”, La Centrale IT launched the first edition of One Day Meeting by organizing this week a day of conferences, debate and exchange in Tangier around the digital transformation which cannot succeed without modernizing the IT infrastructure.

The opportunity for the Centrale It and its partners to discover the latest themes around IT modernization with the presentation of an inventory of legacy systems and the prospects of the hybrid model in the industry sector.

“If before we talked about the need for digital transformation, now we have moved in Morocco and emerging Africa to the obligation to accelerate this transformation. The pandemic has pressed this need in companies, but also for state establishments since disruptions often fuel technological solutions and it is for this reason that we organize this day, because it is our duty as professionals of the IT sector to enlighten the public, manufacturers, companies and institutions on the latest themes around IT modernization as well as the presentation of an inventory of legacy systems and the prospects for the hybrid model in the IT sector. ‘industry “said Sabah Lahlou, General Manager of La Centrale IT.

Quoted by the press release, Sabah Lahlou pointed out that “ Morocco is even before this Covid-19 crisis, was among the first countries which triggered the process of digitization of public administration thanks to the far-sighted vision of King Mohammed VI who encouraged Smart Government and startups working in the IT and digital technology sector”.

The first edition of the One Day Meeting was organized in Tangier. The choice of this northern city is not trivial according to Sabah Lahlou.

Tangier is not only the catalyst for the transformation of the North, but also the gateway from Europe to Africa, making Morocco the economic hub of the continent, but also a city that has made digitalization a commitment to the industrial business service “, she confided.

She cites as an example Tanger Med, which is today a global logistics hub with international standards, and which has since the beginning multiplied IT services and solutions, thus offering a range of digital services to the port community and port users, and thus strengthening their logistics competitiveness, she argued.

The manager also mentions the factories that are increasingly settling in “Tangier Free Zonenoting that it is a region in continuous economic effervescence is certainly a region which needs more to know the advantages of IT modernization and new solutions on the market.

The northern region continues to develop by paving the way for other companies to settle there with state support of one billion dirhams recently to encourage investment and employment, simply the Tangier-Tetouan region -Al Hoceima is a very promising region that is advancing by leaps and bounds and it is our duty to support these companies in migration projects to modern infrastructures and prepare them for digital maturation“, concluded the manager.

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